Majority of tenants look for professionally managed residential and commercial properties in and around London.

Here comes our role, we help landlords letting their property that starts from letting advice to finding a suitable tenant and from drafting tenancy agreement to managing property.

Our letting experts can manage your property throughout the letting duration – from arranging inventories to providing pre-tenancy cleaning services and from holding negotiations with tenants to dealing deposit discussions once the tenancy period is over. During the tenancy, we also keep close eye on property management requirements and keep in touch with tenants and arrange repairs and maintenance workers.

Moreover, we also take care of other matters such as tax issues, utility bills, handling inventories, acquiring safety certificates for gas and electricity appliances and rent collection.

At the end of tenancy period – most of our clients (both tenants & landlords) renew their agreements but if they do not want to do so, we work on your property to make it ready to let again.

The best thing is that you can reach to us anytime 24 hours of the day – 365 days of the year.

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