Step by step property selling guide

We understands that selling a property is a life-changing decision, so it must be handled with care, discretion and professionalism. However, the entire process can become hassle-free and less stressful, if you thoroughly get hold of the process. Following guide will help you grab the basics.

Property Valuation

When you decide to sell your residential property – be it a home or apartment, the aim must be to sell it at the best possible price in minimum time. To achieve that you must have an accurate valuation of your property from professionals. Our expertise, market knowledge and proven track record of selling countless properties in and around London make us the unrivalled choice. Most of the times, we achieve of our recommended asking price, which itself is an honour for us.

Call us now or request online for property valuation.

Hiring a Solicitor

An efficient and experienced solicitor plays an important role in selling your property, so make sure you hire the right one after doing background check. Hiring an experienced solicitor will help you conduct a smooth and successful sale. It is equally important to hire solicitor before you put your property up for sale in market in order to avoid any future issues.

We recommend you to hire services of industrious solicitor but if you do not have one, we can suggest a list of solicitors having work experience of London property sales and complete knowledge about London property market. Call us or visit our office to discuss your requirement in detail.

Selecting an Estate Agent

After selecting an industrious solicitor, its time to choose an estate agent, which will be solely responsible for your property presentation in the market. While choosing an estate agent consider their market presence, check their schedule to conduct viewings, and the kind of marketing they offer. It is important to check all these pointers before handing over your property in order to get maximum exposure and price for your property in minimum time span.

Choosing assures you to present your property in the market in the best possible condition. Therefore, we deploy professional cleaning and maintenance team before putting your property up for sale. In short, we make it appealing and worth to buy.

Marketing Your Property has an extensive range of both online and offline marketing tools to give maximum exposure to your property across every kind of media. We offer the opportunity to list down your property on numerous local and international property portals, on our own website and several other relevant websites. Moreover, offline marketing campaigns are also conducted to give maximum coverage to your property. Email and SMS alerts also follow the marketing campaigns.

In short, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to presenting and marketing your property in the market.
Property Viewing

Unlike other estate agents, we remain open all days of week to make your property available for viewing for every potential buyer. Before making your property available for sale, our experts learn all features about your property and understand all details in order to answer any possible question the prospective buyer may arise. Moreover, one of our estate agents will always accompany you and prospective buyers during property viewings to handle every situation.

Receiving an Offer

As soon as we receive an offer in regards to your residential property, we will notify you. We will inform you about all the terms and condition of the offer in writing. In the meanwhile, we will negotiate with the buyer on how to proceed further before you come up with a decision to accept or reject the offer.

Offer Accepted

And once you have accepted the mistake, we will prepare a memorandum of sale and send it to both parties to get confirmation on the agreed price. Upon confirmation, we will draft a contract that your solicitor will send to buyers’ solicitor to carry our preliminary enquiries. At this stage, exchange of contracts, date of final survey and proposed completion of sale will also be decided. When we will be negotiating on your behalf, we will keep you informed on every step.

Remember, there are no legal obligations until the contracts are duly signed and exchanged.

Exchange of Contracts

Once all the preliminary enquiries are solved following receipt of draft contract and all the clauses mentioned in agreement are agreed such as buyer’s mortgage offer, good title evidence, things included in sale – contracts will be exchanged after being duly signed by both parties. The deposit will be paid by the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor, which is usually 10% of the purchase price.

Completion date will be agreed mutually.


Completion of sale is done when the residual amount will be transferred to your account. Your solicitor will inform you when the money is cleared into your account. You will inform us to release the keys.


Congratulations! Your property is now sold.



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