Step by step property buying guide

Buying a property anywhere around the world is the most stressful stage in one’s life. Everyone needs expert guidance to sail through the process successfully. Therefore, we have created a helpful guide to help on every step throughout the entire process.

Register your Interest

It is our job to connect people with the right kind of properties and the first step to do so is to register your interest with us. We offer a number of ways to register your interest with us such as you can call us on or visit our office. By paying visit to our office, you can meet one of our esteemed estate agents who can offer you expert buying advice tailored according to your needs and requirements. You can also register with us online and enquire about your selected property. Before that you must prepare your wish list with all of your requirements.

Start Property Search

Before you start searching for a property, we suggest you to analyze your needs, requirements and purpose for buying a property. It will help you shortlist properties that match your criteria from the entire database. Our comprehensive search and save system ensures that you get updates, as soon as the latest properties matching your criteria become available.

Arrange your Finances

Now you must have clear idea of price range for your favourite property, so in order to grab the best possible option, you must arrange all the finances in advance. For instance, arrange your principle amount and get approval for your mortgage so that you can shortlist properties while knowing your financial situation. However, if you do not know any reliable financial institutions or are scared of the documentation process, allow us to present you a list of professionals. We recommend mortgage brokers who will suggest financial plans seeing your lifestyle and future goals.

Arrange Property Viewing

We know our customers are always busy with their professional and personal lives so they need flexible viewing hours. We remain open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm. Viewings are usually arranged between these hours but we can manage it on other time as well to cater to serious buyers. On viewing, our prestigious buyers are accompanied with one of our estate agents to answer your queries and to make your viewing as comfortable as possible.

Hiring a Solicitor

The importance of hiring a solicitor cannot be overlooked while buying London property, as the acquisition mainly depends upon the experience of solicitor. We would suggest you hiring services of industrious solicitor but if you do not have one, we can recommend you a number of reputable attorneys and solicitors having complete knowledge about property transactions in London.

Make an Offer

Till now, you must have finalized a property and must be in a process to make an offer. Experienced solicitor will help you make and forward an offer to the seller.

Offer Accepted

Upon acceptance of your offer, we start working to make the transition process as smooth as possible. After analyzing the draft contract from the vendor’s solicitor and sorting out concern (if any), we proceed with the process. Accompanied with your chosen solicitor, we inform the mortgage broker to proceed with the purchase application.

Conduct a Survey

Before exchanging final contracts, it is essential to conduct a survey of your selected property. This needs to be completed before the contracts are signed and on the behalf of mortgage lender in order to explore the structural issues and confirm the value of chosen property.

Exchange of Contracts

After settling all enquiries, you must proceed to exchange contracts. After that contracts will be signed by each party in presence of solicitors and deposit amount is transferred from buyer’s solicitor to the seller’s solicitor.

Concluding the Sale

Selling of property is considered complete on the transfer of remaining money from the buyer’s solicitor to the seller’s solicitor. Upon clearance of money, the keys are given to the new property owner.



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