Copperstones Ltd. is one of the leading estate agencies in London.

We strictly adhere to professionalism and a set of principles that must be considered in every corporate decision we make in business.

Our expertise and excellent services have also helped us win long-lasting relationships with our prestigious customers and experience tremendous growth with time.

We take pride in operating as a specialist estate agency in London, our expertise and years of knowledge of London property market allow us to be one of the leading estate agents in London.

All of our team members are driven, determined and passionate to provide the best possible services to our clients in every real estate related opportunity. Our major services include property sales, lettings, residential developments and property management.

How are we different?


Ideally Located

Being ideally located at one of the most prominent locations in London at Park Lane (W1), the company accommodates a large number of  real estate professionals, whose focus is to provide complete in-house support to all estate agents so that they can efficiently complete their tasks and close deals.

Longer Opening Hours remains open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm. Viewings are usually arranged between these hours but we manage it on other time as well to cater to serious buyers. During each viewing, one of our experts accompanies the party in order to respond to any question that may arise.

We introduced longer opening hours considering the convenience of our prestigious customers in view and to meet the demands of working class in London. You can call us and discuss your feasibility with us and we will arrange our meeting accordingly.


We know that training our employees at every level will make our company competitive and more profitable. Therefore, we provide continuous training to our employees from our specialist training experts. Intensive training helps us have better and improved team members after every session.

Innovative Offices

Attractive, eye-catching and unique office spaces are believed not just to promote creativity and productivity but they become a space where not just employees but clients look forward to coming to.

Copperstones office is designed on the idea of fostering interaction between our staff and clients for the sake of better communication and understanding – so that we can provide improved services every time they come. The sleek and aesthetically profound design of the space is meant to symbolize the company’s drive to move ahead and keep changing.

Selection of Properties

We have one of the largest selection of residential and commercial properties, which gives you a unique insight into London property market. We have hundreds of properties in each section of Buy, Rent and Sell. It becomes difficult to choose one out of all available options but at the same time it gives you advantage over others.

We take pride in holding one of the largest portfolios of London properties. Our experts carry out numerous valuations every month giving them exceptional market knowledge and confidence to give accurate property value in and around London. 








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