Step by step new homes buying guide


With an increasing availability of personal funds and increasing number of people with bucks of personal cash, more and more people are turning to real estate sector for investment.

Following is the guide to help you understand the “New Homes” buying process.

Arrange your finance

Before you start looking for new homes in and around London, we suggest you to arrange your finances. It will help you limit your property search as per your finances so whether you want to arrange your personal funds or need a mortgage – do it beforehand.

However, if you do not have access to a reliable financial institution or are scared of the documentation process, allow us to present you a list of professionals. We can recommend mortgage brokers who will suggest financial plans seeing your lifestyle and future goals.

Register with us

Come and discuss your requirements with us and we will surely help you find a new build home. However, the first and foremost step is to register your interest with us. We offer a number of ways to register your interest with us such as you can call us on, come on our website or visit our office.

By paying visit to our office, you can meet one of our esteemed estate agents who can offer you expert buying advice tailored according to your needs and requirements.

You can also register with us online and enquire about your selected property. Before that you must prepare your wish list with all of your requirements.

Start Searching for New Homes

When you register with us, we get a clear idea of your needs, requirements and budget and it helps us refining your search as now we can send you a number of new build homes in and around London.

Our comprehensive search and save system ensures that you get timely updates – as soon as “New Homes” become available on our website.

Arrange Property Viewing

We know our customers are always busy with their professional and personal lives so they need flexible viewing hours. We remain open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm. Viewings are usually arranged between these hours but we can manage it on other time as well to cater to serious buyers.

On viewing, our prestigious buyers are accompanied with one of our estate agents to answer your queries related to new build property and to make your viewing as comfortable as possible.

Making an Offer

After seeing a number of new build property options in and around London, you must have developed clear understanding of this section of London property market. It is the time to choose the right one matching your requirements and making an offer.

We will forward your query to the vendor. Query will be as specific as you want and we will mention any special requirement (if any) in writing to the vendor.

Hiring the Solicitor

The importance of hiring a solicitor cannot be overlooked while buying a new build property in London, as the acquisition mainly relies on the experienced solicitor.

We can recommend you a number of reputable attorneys and solicitors having complete knowledge about property transactions in London.

Offer Accepted

Once your offer is accepted, we start making sure the transaction is as smooth as possible. You need to pay a reservation fee, sign the reservation form and instruct a solicitor.

You also need to provide some proof of identification and valid address. A proof of financial verification will also be required to move to the next stage of making the property under offer.

Contract Exchanged

The vendor’s solicitor will then send a developers pack as well as a separate contract to the buyer’s solicitor.

Once these documents have been exchanged and both parties agree the terms, the documents will then be sent to buyer to sign, also requesting the funds.


Once both solicitors have received the signed contracts, the purchase will be considered complete. For off plan property, you need to initially pay the deposit fee with the remaining money to be paid once the new build property is completed.


Congratulations you have become owner of a new home in London.

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