Step by step property letting guide

Having an empty investment property can be worrisome for landlords. Come to us and we shall help you maximizing your return by finding the most suitable tenants at the best possible rental tag.

Rental Property Valuation

Before letting your investment property, you need an accurate valuation to find out the estimated rental price of your property. Our expert property valuers will help you give the closest possible rental price for a better idea. These experts have complete London property market knowledge so they mostly come up with accurate rental valuation. And we offer this service free for you.

Call us or fill up our free rental valuation request form to avail free valuation service.

Corporate Services

We have dedicated team that works in close connection with companies finding properties for their employees. These experts help you finding the tenants from corporate sector who are willing to pay premium price in exchange of high levels of services and peace of mind.

Property Management

We offer complete property management services as we know that most of the tenants prefer having professionally managed properties and ready to pay premium price for this. It will also help you reap maximum rental returns from your investment property. We take care of your property 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our property management services range from repairs, maintenance, pre-tenancy cleaning, collection of rent, handling utility bills and much more!

Preparing Your Property for Presentation

Before you put your property up in market for rent, just make sure that it is in its best possible condition, as first impression matters a lot.

De-clutter your home and brighten up your living room and do every other thing including refurbishing, painting and renovation to make it look neat and attractive.

Preparing your Property for Tenancy

Before letting your property for the first time – you must be sure about all the details of your home and obtain a professional inventory checklist. It will help you know your property condition at the time of letting and the contents of your property. provides professional inventory service that you can take benefit from.

Marketing Your Property

We have a number of marketing mediums both online and offline that will give maximum exposure to your property. We will advertise your property on multiple online portals and offline mediums that will automatically increase the reach and help you get maximum leads.

Property Viewings

We know our customers are always busy with their professional and personal lives so they need flexible viewing hours. We remain open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm. Viewings are usually arranged between these hours but we can manage it on other time as well to cater to serious buyers. On viewing, tenants are mostly accompanied with one of our estate agents to answer their queries and to make viewing as comfortable as possible.

Receiving an Offer

Upon receiving the most suitable offer, we will notify you on immediate basis. We will also let you know, if there will be any special term & condition within the offer. In the meanwhile, when you are busy making decision we will conduct tenant’s background check.

Offer Accepted

Once the offer has been agreed with mutual consent, our professionals start working to ensure a smooth transition procedure. We organize the following:

  • Check Inventory
  • Collect references that tenant has provided
  • Arrange signing of the Tenancy Agreement
  • Collect the payment (rent & deposit)


Once the agreement is signed, keys will be released to the tenants. Your property has been let.


Congratulations! Your property is now let.

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