Step by step property selling guide

Selling your property can open up an exciting new chapter in your life. Our dedicated and experienced time is committed to providing you high-quality unbiased advice and bespoke service to transform the selling process into an effortless selling experience.

Step 1

Requesting a valuation

Our valuation will give you an estimate of how much your house will be worth based on a number of different factors. Every time we commence a valuation process we consult our international dynamic network of investors and property experts. We take into account the property's unique selling features, the upcoming property market trends, and the transport links. Our realistic valuations will be the starting point for determining your asking price.

Request a realistic valuation here

Step 2

Selecting an estate agent

When choosing an estate agent, consider their customer service, their property contacts and the marketing techniques they utilize to achieve a smooth selling experience. We, at Copperstones, deliver a bespoke service to every client by tailoring the marketing strategy to the particular features of their property. Every client is unique and we always take into consideration their special requirements.

Step 3

Hiring a solicitor

A solicitor will do all the heavy legal lifting for you to ensure a transparent transaction. From helping you accepting an offer to preparing all the paperwork an efficient and experienced solicitor can define a successful selling process. We can recommend you savvy and speedy solicitors, who are part of our long-standing network.

Step 4

Preparing your property Scheduling viewings can be a daunting experience for some clients as this is a critical part of the selling process. With that in mind, our sales team consists of experienced interior designers and professional photographers who maximize the appeal of your property to the targeted buyers. Our design experts produce floor plans and property descriptions that showcase the best features of your home.

Step 5

Marketing your property

Finding a well-placed buyer for your property is key to a successful sale. When you assign Copperstones to sell your property we implement tailored & discreet marketing services as well as niche marketing techniques that allow us to target specific buyers and speed up the sale process. Many of our clients value confidentiality during the sale process thus we market their property through our long-established network of property professionals.

Step 6

Customized Viewings

We take pride in providing our clients with 24hr support once your property enters the market. We customize viewing times and adapt to your preferred schedule to achieve a smooth viewing process. Our experienced and dedicated team can accompany you to the viewings to optimize the experience.

Step 7

Receiving an offer

Receiving an offer is a milestone in the selling process because it puts your property, the asking price and the marketing plan into perspective. We direct all offers to you and advise you impartially regarding each one. We then negotiate on your behalf the best offer for you by implementing our accumulated property market intelligence. 

Step 8

Agreeing to an offer

Once all the preliminary enquiries are solved following receipt of the draft contract and all the clauses mentioned in agreement are agreed such as buyer’s mortgage offer, good title evidence, things included in sale – contracts will be exchanged after being duly signed by both parties. The deposit will be paid by the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor, which is usually 10% of the purchase price. 

Step 9

Exchanging of contracts

Once contracts are exchanged, both you and the buyer are legally bound and all parties have agreed to the terms.
The contract must be signed by both buyer and seller. A non-refundable deposit must be made by the buyer via their conveyancer to your conveyancer. The deposit is usually 10% of the purchase price. Setting a completion date is the final step in the selling process.

Step 10


Completion of sale means making the final arrangements towards releasing the keys to your property. The remaining money is transferred and any deeds for the property are transferred to each side’s solicitor. Your solicitor will register the transfer of ownership with the Land Registry for properties in England and Wales and you are required to move out by handing the keys over to Copperstones.


Step 11

Personalized After Care

After the sale has been completed we implement our Aftercare Package. We have been building strong relationships with our clients for many years now and we are committed to guiding you through every step of the way, from our first meeting until after you have settled into your new home. We take pride in making ourselves and our services available for each of our clients at any time.


Congratulations! Your property is now sold.

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