Battersea Power Station – A prime investment hotspot in London

  • August 04, 2022

Battersea Power Station – A prime investment hotspot in London

London’s status as a global financial hub is longstanding but the capital is also known as a safe haven for real estate investment. Despite uncertainties including Brexit, economic shifts and global pandemic, its role remained unshakeable due to its rich heritage, diverse culture, world-class education, premium amenities and matchless advantages for business and finance. The UK capital still retains its top position as the most desirable real estate investment destination and development.

It is a dream city, with a forecast of 24% growth in values in the next years to 2026, where prices will return to the 2014 peal level. This all makes 2022 an ideal time for savvy investors to capitalize on the potential long-term capital growth.

Battersea Power Station – A tale about the labour of love

Battersea Power Station – an iconic Grade II development of London’s cityscape, is being transformed into a thriving hub to live, work, shop, and eat. Besides having a cultural legacy and development supremacy, Battersea Power Station is the heart of the massive regeneration zone of Nine Elms. Upon final completion, the regeneration of this zone will completely transform South West London.

Currently, the power station is almost in the final stages of massive transformation, with the development level is astounding. However, long ago when Britain turned its back on coal-fired power stations for environmental and political reasons, it left Battersea Power Station derelict.

A prime investment hotspot in London

Where many developers have proposed plans to restore the Grade II-listed building but failed and Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC) – backed by a Malaysian investment consortium has succeeded with contemporary painstaking aplomb, while conserving its original charm. It’s been ten years in the making and counting – but the project has been worth the wait.

Why invest in Battersea Power Station?

You may consider Battersea Power Station is like any other high-end premium development featuring a plethora of luxury residences and mixed-use retail options. Allow us to reveal that all similarities end there. It does not need any introduction and not any persuasion to make an investment decision but still, if you need any convincing for the merits of investment in Battersea Power Station, here it goes:

Improved transport links

Several transportation links are planned to put the Battersea Power Station in the spotlight for the potential investors, to make it well-connected to the surroundings and to make the journey to and from Battersea Power Station convenient. The underground project by Transport for London (TfL) called Northern Line Extension is open, with two new tube stations at Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms. The stations have improved the connectivity and reduced the travel time between Battersea Power Station and the City and the West end.

Choice of properties

Battersea offers an excellent choice of properties – from studio apartments to villa like penthouses, and from turn-key new-build homes to amazing period homes. Not just A-class residences but the development boasts sky gardens, a celebrity hair salon, and several other on-site facilities. Apartments in Battersea Power Station vary widely both in price and size. You can find spacious budget studio apartments inside the power station and also priciest apartments are there in Boiler House Square, offering river views.

The Battersea Power Station has already opened its doors to the first residents on May 24, 2021. The residents have been moving into Switch House East and West, while the rest of the development will be completed in stages, with residents expected to move into the Boiler House in the coming months.

A rooftop garden

Recently, a new trend making rounds across the globe is that all stakeholders including architects, developers and designers are coming forward to combat climate change by adding green spaces to apartment developments, especially on the top of skyscrapers. In Battersea Roof Gardens, a 1,200 ft. long roof garden is planned to be built, which is designed by James Corner – the landscape designer. The garden will be on top of the entire building, which is considered an exciting feature of the development. The rooftop garden will encourage social cohesion among the international residents.

Exploring green spaces

The entire development of Battersea Power Station is designed to offer a wholesome lifestyle to the residents like no other. A number of public spaces and parks are designed for a seamless experience for the residents. Residents will find themselves surrounded by ample greenery, whenever they will walk out of their homes. Almost 20 acres of land are dedicated to create new open spaces, a particular space of the park has already been opened for a stroll, while the rest will also be opened in phases. LDA Design is in charge of the design of the six-acre park, with two massive lawns allowing one to stretch and enjoy the river. Families can utilize this space to simply stroll through the park or sit down to relax and recharge after a tiring day.

Electric Boulevard

Who does not love retail therapy to complete the living experience? The Electric Boulevard is an exclusive and the most vibrant place in the entire development that will give you access to reach over 40 retail units along with the world’s finest restaurants and leisure clubs. The bustling culture, brands and convenient location will add to a unique shopping experience for high net-worth individuals. For those who want to indulge in retail therapy, designer shops are being carefully put together to make everything easy to access.

An energy centre

Battersea Power Station was a coal-fired power plant in olden times but the new design also follows the heritage of power generating. It includes its own energy centre that will provide electricity, heating, hot water, and cooling utilities to the residents. Spans over 50,000 sq. ft. the Energy Centre is one of the largest ones in size that will provide its excess energy to the local area. The Energy Centre will generate an estimated 6MW of electrical power and 6MW of heating from its CHPs.

The world’s best restaurants around Battersea Power Station

Not everyone chooses Battersea Power Station to live in but can visit it to experience the lifestyle of the residents. We are talking about eating, drinking, and exploring the surroundings of Battersea Power Station. For them, Battersea Power Station offers a lot of variety in terms of restaurants. It is home to an array of restaurants to match the taste of its international community – from casual eateries to some fine dining restaurants, from restaurants offering outdoor seating and riverside terraces to some signature establishments for weekend brunch.


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