London tops Britain's rental hotspots for 2017

  • August 22, 2018

London tops Britain's rental hotspots for 2017

Buy-to-let investors and overseas landlords who are planning on investing in the UK will be particularly interested in this new piece of research, by The House Shop, which ranks London as the top destination for renters in England.

Our team here at Copperstones evaluates all the latest property reports and provides exclusive insights to our international clients to crack the property market. In the past years, we have witnessed the exponential growth of the London property market that has attracted billions of pounds of investment in the capital and we are committed to providing sound investment advice for the future.

According to the research, 50.65% of inquiries on rental property listings in the city were made by individuals of 18 to 34 years old – reflecting the capital’s popularity among the most dynamic age groups.

Based on the Copperstones market intelligence these are the main reasons why London is the most appealing destination to live in the UK:

  1. Exceptional career opportunities
  2. Technology and innovation hub
  3. Innovative developments such as the Hoola development
  4. Ambitious regeneration projects, for example, the Battersea Power Station
  5. Excellent transport links including the Northern Line extension, the opening of the Elizabeth Line, and the Crossrail expansion.
  6. Timeless class and multicultural setting

Recent data from the National Landlords Association (NLA) suggest that 33% of landlords have experienced a void period in the last three months which have lasted 64 days on average. Suffering from long and expensive void periods could be damaging to your investment portfolio, especially in a city like London where rent prices are at an all-time high.

Nick Marr, co-founder of the NLA, suggests that the most important thing for a successful landlord is to be on top of their local property market to minimize the risk of long void periods. In addition to staying on track with the latest developments in the market, buy-to-let landlords should always opt for:

  1. Keeping long-term tenants.
  2. Conducting regular maintenance checks.
  3. Hiring a property manager.
  4. Seeking professional asset management advice.

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