What NOT to do while moving to a new property in Dubai?

  • August 22, 2022

What NOT to do while moving to a new property in Dubai?

Moving is not usually an exciting experience – whether you are moving across the street or a town. It is stressful and comes with a number of challenges, mistakes and delays (no matter, how pro you are) – contrary to the misconception that the process is fun and straightforward. While enlisting the process, you can break it down into a few steps including packing your bags, calling the movers and crashing into a new property in Dubai.

Allow us to reveal that there is much to consider before, during, and even after the entire moving process. And even if just one step goes unplanned, it can leave you with a lot more stress. However, if you take care of certain aspects well in advance, it might prove to be fun. For example, when you are deciding on which type of moving service is best suited for your move, it’s important to take the total time into consideration. Committing to a long-distance move doesn’t mean that you have to hire professional movers (in this case) just because the distance is too far. All you need is to sit down and plan everything in advance.

The following post will enlist everything that you must NOT do while moving into a new property in Dubai – which can make the entire process efficient, smooth, and hassle-free.

Leaving everything for the last hour

When you are moving out of your current property in Dubai, you need to know how to pack up your entire house properly. The process is not as simple as throwing everything in boxes and packing them as quickly as possible. It may involve packing up an entire house with furniture, appliances, and other valuables, especially if you have been living there for a long time and accumulated many belongings. You also need to pay attention that you do not pack anything, which is subject to damage or is too heavy to move easily after unpacking. To avoid such ordeals, it is best to hire professional companies that provide packing services with efficient materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Note: If you are planning to sell your home, you must know this is high time because buyers' interest grew in ready properties for sale in Dubai over the last two years.

Starting packing too early

Like leaving everything to the last minute is a damaging mistake; starting too early can also be a recipe for disaster. Starting too early does not just prolong the moving process, disrupts the peace of mind and can be irritating if you need to open any packed box to find something. The ideal time to start is two weeks before the move. It is essential that you set a timeline and follow it strictly. Moreover, packing too early can frustrate you as well as your family members, who won’t have a peaceful day-to-day life around the packed things because they are about to move soon.

Picking any random movers

To ensure peace of mind, you must hire only a professional moving company. There are plenty of them out there, but selecting the right ones is not easy. You have to be careful while selecting them and the only way to do so is by asking friends, family members and neighbours who have moved recently and then checking their references. You can also go through online reviews. Keep in mind that you need not just compare services but also rates before choosing a moving company that suits your needs.

Considering DIY to save money

Doing everything yourself is equal to saving tons of money? Not really! If you are thinking that hiring a moving company is too expensive or costlier than doing some steps yourself but it isn’t so. For instance, some professional movers offer valuable protection and liability coverage, which I can't offer myself if I'm planning to move everything by myself (especially across cities). They also provide packing services for delicate items or assembling of furniture items, which would take time and require a lot of skill. That is why it's better to hire a moving company if you are planning an inter-city move or if your next property in Dubai is too big for you to handle on your own.

Forgetting to compare both places

As you move to a new property in Dubai, it is important to make sure your items will fit properly in the room of the new house. No matter, how long you have been staying at this place and whatever you have accumulated over years. To make the new move efficient and smooth, you must compare both properties in terms of square footage and the rooms’ space. If your next home is smaller than the current one, there is a risk that your items will not fit in the rooms properly. Moreover, the moving team may also leave furniture pieces without assembling them as it does not fit into the room.

Being clueless on how to pack

Being prepared in advance can save money. If you know how to pack and what to pack, you will save money by doing the packing before hiring professional help. And if you know what items are necessary to pack, you won’t be caught meandering around the house at the last moment trying to throw in those things that “just can’t stay behind”. One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are moving home is that this is the time for all your items to be taken care of properly.

Otherwise, there are possibilities that many of your items will get damaged and even stolen. And since you have already been looking for an apartment, townhouse, or another types of property in Dubai you do not want to start from scratch and buy new furniture every month due to damage or theft. This is why it is always very important to take extra precautions in order to make sure that your possessions remain safe and secure throughout the moving process.

Hiring professional and reliable movers seems to be the most viable solution to avoid making serious mistakes that will cost you a lot in the long run. However, if you want to do it all by yourself, you can come back to this space – where we keep sharing handy tips and also help you connect with professionals.