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Property Acquisition

Finding a property is not hard but discovering the one that matches your taste and fits into your budget is. The buyers may have to trawl through all online property listings to reach one that may be ideal. After that, a never-ending process of property viewing, communicating with the agent and hiring a solicitor begins.

Team that holds extensive market knowledge

Copperstones helps buyers finding their dream homes, buy-to-let properties, commercial units or pied-a-terre through a dedicated property acquisitions team that is equipped with extensive market knowledge. We strive to reduce inconvenience, frustration and time associated with property buying as we act on behalf of individuals, and companies in search of a desirable property.

Reaching to the off-market properties inventory

Our property acquisition team works diligently to unearth hidden jewels before it reaches the open market that ticks all the right boxes.

Team that works in your best interests

From finding a suitable residential or commercial property to negotiating on asking price and from finalizing the deal to the completion of legal documents, we deal with all aspects of property acquisition. We make sure that the entire property acquisition process is handled professionally and confidentially. Yes, we protect your best interests and act accordingly at every stage of a transaction.

We specialize in providing a bespoke acquisition service to our client before, during and continue after purchasing the property. Be at peace while working with us as your best interests are well taken care of Property acquisition services that we offer:

  • Rendering the chance to secure off-market properties
  • Taking care of your best interests at every stage of acquisition
  • Respecting your wish (if any) to remain anonymous
  • Attending the viewing or launch on your behalf
  • Buying a property directly from the owner at the most suitable price
  • Acting as an independent party to negotiate and compiling a report
  • Managing the entire acquisition procedure

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