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The Bahamas

Scattered between the North Atlantic and Florida’s eastern coast, the Bahamas comprises of more than 700 striking islands and 2400 cays. The Bahamas is considered a part of the Caribbean but is actually located in the Atlantic and not the Caribbean Sea. Most of the islands and cays are uninhabited and all edged by spectacular coral and limitless ocean trenches.

Bahamas is the Columbus’s first landfall in the America and shares a history of beautiful beaches and shores. The best attraction of Bahamas is its white sandy beaches, azure blue waters, shallow shorelines, forests, astonishing coral reefs and golf courses. It is the best pick in order to spend a relaxing week on the most secluded white sandy beaches.

Neighbourhoods in Bahamas

The most developed and populous islands are New Providence – site of Cable Beach and Nassau, Grand Bahama and Paradise Island – and the most common tourist destinations. Nassau is the capital city of Bahamas and home to almost 70% of the country’s population. Not just the visitors but property investors are being attracted towards the Bahamas, to invest in waterfront second homes at the most picturesque location.

New Providence Island

New Providence is not the biggest island in the Bahamas but it is the most populous one with rich maritime history. The island is the most urban space in the Bahamas and offers groves of palms lined along the white soil. New Providence has the country’s busiest airport and hundreds of villas owned by overseas investors. The major resort areas are Cable Beach and Nassau.

Technically, the city of Nassau comprises only a small portion of the island but here, you can find groups of cruise-ship passengers, gigantic hotels, resorts, diverse restaurants and much more than just beaches. Nassau has life and the first choice for party goers for centuries.

Things to Do in Bahamas

With most of the sunny days a year, The Bahamas is a year-round destination. From white beaches to expansive golf courses and from luxury holiday resorts to snorkeling – Bahamas is the quintessential relaxing holiday spot in the Caribbean. The place boasts historic attractions and urban marketplaces in Nassau and Freeport. It offers more in terms of active pursuits such as activities related to exploring the Caribbean Sea.

On the Out Islands such as the Abacos, Long Island, Harbour Island, Cat Island and the Exumas, there you can find diving and fishing spots. When it comes to finding the best dining spots and drinking options – visit Nassau. Stroll Downtown in Nassau and explore local restaurants and bars lined there.

Eateries in Bahamas

Bahamas is renowned for its parties and rum cocktails. Rum has been the drink of choice on the Bahamas for centuries, like other islands in Caribbean. Tropical fruit drinks are also visitors’ favourite pick, who do not go for rum or wine. Pirate Republic Brewing, Bahama Barrels and Sip Sip are few names that one must visit in quest of beer, rum, wine and tropical juices.

Bahamas holds a peculiar charm when it comes to the food scene. Classic cuisines include rock lobster, rum cake, macaroni and cheese and conch – the most iconic cuisine in the Caribbean. If you are looking beyond Caribbean local island cuisines, several hotels and resorts offer fine dining options serving anything and everything from continental cuisine to sushi or something of your personal choice.

Hotels in Bahamas

Hotel options range from all-inclusive resorts to the comfy guest houses – offering endless food and entertainment options within the vicinity. Most of the resorts on Cable Beach are family-oriented and have several kids-friendly activities. However, if you are looking for authentic island feel to enjoy and experience, pick a private guest house or an inn over an established hotel.


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