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Property Disposal

Property Disposal

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Copperstones Property Disposal

Having a bunch of seasoned real estate professionals and property consultants who have worked on multi-disciplinary projects, Copperstones offers significant experiences to the clients in all aspects regarding land acquisitions, development, marketing and property disposal. Whatever the reason is, there will be tough choices to make at the end regarding property disposal.

No matter how hard the decision is, we devise an appropriate disposal strategy and help you implement the agreed strategy. The extent to which the property disposal process is executed will be determined by the scale, complexity, and value of the property in question. Like property development, property disposal is a matter of concern but the timeframe for property disposal activities is usually underestimated.

Therefore, early planning and hiring the services of experts for project disposal should be an important priority. Whether a commercial development or a residential scheme, our team has a proven track record of acquiring and disposing of project. We take pride in offering tailored services that meet your specific requirements.

It is also equally important to establish realistic expectations and viable requirements for the property disposal. However, we have one simple objective and that is to generate maximum capital from your surplus assets. And to achieve that, experts need to consider several factors including the development type, market condition and the time available to liquidate the asset.

From understanding client’s requirements to delivering what they look for is our core mission – so, we customize our strategies to get optimal results and maximum value of the assets.

Premium Services
  • Devising strategy for property acquisition and property disposal
  • Sale of commercial and residential development by private treaty
  • Sale of development by auction
  • Gathering information regarding architecture and planning before executing disposal strategy
  • Advising on future planning
  • Pre-acquisition advice on new developments

When it comes to exit, we do not just devise an appropriate disposal strategy but also help you implement the agreed strategy

Property Disposal

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