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10 Amazing facts you didn’t know about Miami

10 Amazing facts you didn’t know about Miami

10 Amazing factsYou didn't know about Miami

Magic city

In just a century, Miami grew from having a population of one thousand to five million people. The rapid growth was credited to ‘magic’ hence the nickname ‘Magic City.

Miami was founded by a woman

Miami was originally founded by American businesswoman Julia Tuttle, who convinced oil tycoon Henry Flagler to extend his railroad from Central Florida to Miami. The first train of the Florida East Coast Railroad arrived in the city in 1896, and Miami was incorporated later that same year.

The sand on Miami beach is imported

If you ever feel like your in the Bahamas while sunbathing along Miami Beach, then it might be because all the sand is imported from the Caribbean. Florida has spent $11.5 million importing sand to restore the shoreline in Miami Beach.

Miami is the cruise capital of the world

For stylish moorings, then Miami is your best bet. The port of Miami is the largest passenger port in the world. In 2017, five million passengers sailed through the terminal.

Art & deco

There’s never a boring day in Miami for someone who loves architecture. Featuring 800 historic Art Deco buildings just in Miami Beach, history and design create a visually striking image of the city.

Get your rollers on

You might have come across a scenic picture of a girl smoothly rollerblading on the Miami waterfront. Back in the day, rollerblades were a huge trend, so huge, that in 1996 Citibank installed an ATM lane for rollerbladers.

Sunscreen was invented here

Rumour has it that sunscreen was invented in Miami. Although the protective lotion was already invented in Europe, pharmacist Benjamin Green invented his own version in Miami and later sold it to Coppertone.

Buildings here can’t have basements

With the land just about six to nine feet above sea level, basements in Miami are non-existent. Homes in Florida need extra waterproofing since the water table is very high. Try building a fence and you risk having water spouting up.

Home of the brave and Burger King

Insta Burger King, originally founded in Jacksonville, was later purchased by Miami-based franchisees James McLamore and David R. Edgerton, who renamed it, Burger King. The first Burger King location opened in Miami on December 4, 1954.

It’s the only city in the USA bordered by two national parks

Miami residents enjoy ample green space and tranquillity in the 800 parks across the city. The natural beauty in the shores also continues once you leave the city since it is bordered by the Everglades National Park in the west and the Biscayne National Park in the east. Nature aficionados could not have it better since it perfectly combines big-city living with unique natural landscapes.

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