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2021 – A Year to Remember for Copperstones

2021 – A Year to Remember for Copperstones

2021A Year to Remember for Copperstones

2020 was an unusual year for several economic sectors but it was entirely different for real estate markets. The COVID-19 induced pandemic hugely impacted this industry but unlike many other businesses, this sector adopted many new strategies to confront the challenges head-on. Therefore, new changes and more developments were expected in the industry in the next year. As a result, the sector exceeded expectations and encountered a booming market in 2021.

Survival of the fittest…

A lot had changed across the real estate markets during 2020, but the best survived 2021. The law of evolution is that the fittest survives – the ones who comprehend the change and choose to transform according to time. 2021 was a year of evolution for the real estate sector and the ones who survived it learnt to manage changes and came up with the best strategies.

How did Copperstones adapt to the change?

Everyone expected the realty market to fall in 2021, due to the economic crunch asserted by the pandemic. Despite the unpredictable outlook of 2021, Copperstones adopted a series of trends and took small yet confident steps to move forward.


Augmented Reality is the future…

With lockdowns in place and bans on international travelling, it seemed like the real estate sector was not going anywhere. However, Copperstones adopted virtual reality technology like professionals to market the finished projects and put forth high-end properties to the clients. The Augmented Reality technology allowed our prestigious buyers to experience the exterior and interior of the space in a personalized way, from the comfort of their home.

We offered 360° views of several high-end properties, which was not just convenient for the potential buyers to manage house-viewing but it also saved time on both sides.


We enhanced our reach globally…

Virtual reality is the future and several stakeholders are willing to adopt this technology at several stages during and after the development stage. The additional time (saved due to this technology) allowed us to reach more clients, explore more markets, and bring out the best performing developments from across the world. Initially, team Copperstones were operating from the London office and used to deal in UK properties but 2021 proved to be a success for us.

We expanded our operations from London, UK and Dubai, UAE to Miami, New York, Turkey, and the Bahamas.

What was the most evident change that 2021 brought?

The real estate market has been transformed in a number of ways and one of the most visible changes is the migration from developed cities to small towns. People have been exploring new places, as the freedom to work from home allows them to move around and choose new places as their home. What matters the most is the comfort and availability of facilities for a convenient lifestyle. People are choosing places based on aesthetics and value of the property and not just considering the proximity to their work-places.


Social media is the most powerful tool…

With a majority of people working from home, they have ample time that they used to spend commuting to and from work. It did not just increase the family time that enhanced the quality of relationships, but people started spending that time on social media platforms to kill boredom.

Previously, real estate is the sector that heavily relied on traditional marketing methods or in-person meetings. 2021 brought significant changes in this realm and agents had to embrace social media to prove their worth virtually. It became crucial in the time of social distancing.

Copperstones adopted this change and utilized different channels to maximize the audience reach. We are sure to claim that we have gained several agents in 2021 from our social media platforms (especially, Instagram). It is second to personal referrals for obtaining new clients and winning new projects.

“Social media reigned, over traditional marketing channels. Seeing the result and growth in our business, we are committed to improve our social media presence in 2022 as well,” states Shahwali Bashir, Director Copperstones.

Our achievements at a glance…

With schools closed, and professionals directed to work from home, a large number of families were confined at home during the pandemic. It changed the meaning of “home” and led to the need for additional space to set up a home office, a dedicated place for online schooling, and open space to breathe in fresh air (especially, when you are not allowed to go out of the house). Resultantly, a number of people contacted us to upgrade their places and purchase suburban properties, in order to escape congested places.

  • To cater to their needs, we brought up various styles of new homes located across and around London suburbs. It was none other than Barratt Homes and its projects that offer stylish homes, complemented with world-class facilities for a comfortable lifestyle.
  • The real estate market has undergone tremendous transformations, with consumer behaviour changing unlike anything before. Location is still the most important factor yet buyers are looking for bigger and more comfortable homes that boast home offices, more space, and gardens. However, not everyone is shifting in suburban homes, but several investors still want luxury properties and we cannot ignore them.
  • Our esteemed clients know our love for premium properties and here at Copperstones, we believe Battersea Power Station is the uber-luxury project, and so far the best in London at numerous levels. We grabbed the best units for our esteemed clients to cater to their needs. After years of development and incessant delays, London’s mid-century landmark finally opened its doors for the first residents in May 2021. Switch House West is the first major section of the main Power Station to complete, while the rest of the building is pacing towards completion.

Note: We take pride in declaring that Copperstones has generated record sales for Battersea Power Station and generated promising returns for our investors.

What did Copperstones achieve in the international market?

As Copperstones expanded its operations across several international real estate markets, we showed a stellar performance worldwide. We have brought the top-performing Aston Martin Residences, Miami on board and generated qualified leads for it.

When it comes to Dubai, Copperstones achieved to manage exclusive sales of The Residences by Omniyat, Dorchester Collection and Emaar Beachfront projects. We have successfully achieved an alliance with Emaar to sell its future projects as well.

Copperstones won several awards in 2021…

The United Kingdom Property Awards 2021-2022

2021 proved to be an amazing year for Copperstones and our efforts have been recognized on different platforms. Copperstones has been nominated in four categories including Property Consultancy, Property Consultancy Marketing, Real Estate Agent, and Property Consultancy Website in The United Kingdom Property Awards 2021-2022 – sponsored by Rolls Royce.

We have competed against the best property professionals across the United Kingdom to be recognised in the above-mentioned categories. We have won awards in all these four categories.

Here is a link to the awarding ceremony of The United Kingdom Property Awards 2021-2022, where Copperstones won four awards:

Moreover, we have been nominated in various categories at The Negotiator Awards 2021-2022, which is an achievement in itself.

Copperstones with a revamped website…

Real estate trends are changing and the sector is constantly evolving. From the first quarter of 2020 till now, more than 88 per cent of the property buyers took their first purchase step by looking online for properties that are available for sale. Thanks to the digital world, home buyers are now equipped with more and better market knowledge, and to cater to the needs of these clients, property consultants have to upgrade their websites, besides offering distinctive services to stand out from the crowd.

Copperstones, a boutique real estate agency that features luxury properties and offers premium services, has undergone the process of a complete makeover. The website is revamped, upgraded and updated in order to provide a better user experience, exclusive and handpicked real estate data for prestigious clients.

However, to offer a better customer experience, a newer version is also in the making that is expected to be launched somewhere in 2022.

Here, you can also check our Youtube video recapping the Year 2021:


Being a luxury real estate firm, 2021 has opened up several avenues and brought a lot of opportunities for us. When it comes to real estate sector; despite numerous changes that have taken place in yester year, it is all set to grow in 2022 across the best cities in the world. We expect superlative projects across the globe to be surfacing this year, and markets to thrive well. And with the right team, exposure, and tools at our disposal, Copperstones will be able to cope up with the new challenges and flourish, too.

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