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A guide to property investment in 2018

A guide to property investment in 2018

A guide toproperty investment in 2018

Are you planning on investing in property? Before taking this important step – that has the potential to change your life and increase your wealth – it is advisable to develop a solid strategy and follow it throughout the process. Copperstones is geared towards assisting overseas investors and providing them with unbiased advice. Our property investment team will act as a trusted advisor and tailor the consultation to your budget and expectations.

Whether you’re after a short-term investment or you wish to draw up a long-term business plan, investment decisions always need to be well thought out and based on due diligence. Our team will provide you with a complete investment strategy plan, a risk assessment report, and tailored budget management services.

Before you get started, we have rounded up some basic advice for you to enter the world of property investment informed and live up to the challenge.

Buy to let

Buying to Let is a strategy that can offer stable capital gains. Buy to let investors tend to target properties with high rental yields to secure a monthly cash flow. Generally, it is considered a low-risk strategy that has the potential of greater gains when the property is sold. Off-plan properties and New Build have been increasingly popular among investors in London over the past years. That is why the Buy to Let strategy requires an excellent knowledge of the local property market.

Bulk buying

Bulk Buying off-plan property is a strategy that can offer significant capital gains and is intended for investors who are looking to grow their wealth immensely. Acquiring properties in redevelopments and then reselling them, or “flipping” them, before the development is completed has been popular among investors who are diversifying their portfolio through different redevelopment projects.

Buy to sell

Buy to Sell, or “Flipping”, refers to the strategy where investors sell the off-plan property they have purchased just before the redevelopment is completed. Flipping can offer large capital growth quickly, since market demand for new homes skyrockets when the redevelopment is about to be delivered. This strategy requires excellent market knowledge, management and knowing when the time is right.

Joint Ventures

A Joint Venture strategy is designed for the “team players” who would like to grow their capital by forming business partnerships. A Joint Venture’s success ultimately comes down to what the different parties bring to the table and if they are united by common financial goals and like-mindedness.

Consult an expert

Whether you are an experienced property portfolio owner or you are just starting out, it is highly beneficial to consult an expert. After you have decided which investment road you are about to follow, you will need to start looking into different locations, analyse the risk of your investment, conduct a feasibility test and finally compose an exit strategy. At this time, an experienced team of individuals, like Copperstones could help you manage the requirements of the investment while working by your side to ensure your funds are wisely managed.

Getting an expert’s opinion will minimise risk and equip you with valuable information about current trends in the property market and the fascinating world of off-plan investment. Our team has been advising clients in London for 14 years and we specialise in spotting upcoming profitable redevelopments for our international clients. For example, it is essential to comprehend how the Crossrail Effect has impacted the London property market before you invest in London.

Moreover, our built-in international network allows us to conduct business discreetly and form long-standing relationships with property developers in London. You can call us today on +44 (0) 8445 555 555 to arrange your first free investment consultation.

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