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An introductory look into real estate investment in Miami

An introductory look into real estate investment in Miami

An introductory look intoreal estate investment in Miami

A growing population of nearly half a million people, a world-famous beach, a rich Latin heritage and a vibrant art scene. Do you possibly need to know anything else to invest in Miami?

Considered an extraordinarily resilient investment, real estate in Miami is evolving to be the next big thing in international assets. For those who don’t know much about Miami, the city is part of the South Florida region, located in the south-eastern United States and part of the largest metropolitan area in Florida.

Miami is a colourful city with incredible natural beauty and incredible capacity to quickly absorb large groups of people, re-purpose commercial and residential property, add cultural events to attract global attention, and adapt local infrastructure to support the evolving needs of its populace. As mentioned above, its growing population not only strengthens Miami but it’s also proof of a city with a high ability to adapt.

Real estate investors will find in Miami ample infrastructure suitable for different age groups. Baby boomers are served by premium hospitals and world-class surgeons and specialists. Whereas, brands like Whole Foods or state-of-the-art fitness centres cover the needs of the millennial population in Miami.

Transportation is another sector in that Miami has a jump start during this time. Golf cart-like trollies, ride-sharing apps, Brightline’s direct service to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, and the eventual expansion of Tri-Rail into downtown are a few of the transport options Miami residents have. Dedicated cycling paths are also in place to ensure safe travels.

Known for its diversity, Miami showcases a rich mosaic of diverse cultures. People in Miami are usually multilingual, enjoy food from every part of the world that the city has to offer, and go on to any kind of shopping expedition you can think of. Miami received nearly 16 million overnight visitors last year (according to the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau), the Port of Miami is considered the cruise capital of the world, and Miami International Airport handles the second-most quantity of international passengers in the United States. By far, Miami is the hottest place to invest in the US right now if you are looking for fast asset growth with even faster returns.

Copperstones offers an attractive opportunity to our clients, by exclusively listing in the UK the Aston Martin Residences at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way. Ideally located in Brickell, in Downtown Miami, the Aston Martin Residences enjoy close proximity to major museums, parks, education centres, banks, company headquarters, courthouses, government offices, theatres, shops, and many of the oldest buildings in the city.

Harvesting on the legacy of the legendary British automotive brand, the residences will boast extraordinary amenities, such as sky pool and bar, fitness centre, panoramic views and a superyacht marina.

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