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Dark versus light: interior design palettes

Dark versus light: interior design palettes

Dark versus light:interior design palettes

Light versus dark interiors is a choice that new and old homeowners grapple with on a regular basis. For those who have invested in a unit in a new development, like buyers at Prospect Place and Battersea Roof Gardens have learned, choosing the interior design palette can be a difficult choice, especially if you’re unable to visit a development’s showroom.

While it’s inevitably a decision based on personal choice and opinion, there are pros and cons to each choice.

Light interiors

Light interiors tend to evoke Scandinavian minimalism. Because lighter interiors tend to use white or light creamy colours, it’s very easy to add your own personal spark to a space after the designers have added their finishing touches. The lighter nature also means light interiors seem fresh and bright all year round.

However, it can sometimes feel sterile, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, and cold if accents and finishes aren’t chosen to complement them well. If you do choose a lighter interior and you have children, you will have to be mindful about cleaning up any messes that are made.

Dark interiors

Dark interiors are seen as more fashionable, as designers tend to go for the dramatic when choosing finished that reflect darker tastes. Any quirky, bold pieces of art in your collection will look home in a home with darker accents, instead of out of place. Darker colours also tend to be seen as very decadent, making your home seem sophisticated as opposed to simple.

Depending on your point of view however, darker rooms can make even the biggest of rooms seem small, though that it’s a view that has consensus among interior designers and architects. It also could make it harder to sell or let, considering that lighter interiors are a trend at the moment.

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