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Dubai is becoming the world’s most futuristic city

Dubai is becoming the world’s most futuristic city

Dubai is becoming theworld's most futuristic city

It’s not just sky-high buildings and luxurious amenities that attract investors to Dubai. The city’s government has made strides to make living in the city comfortable and forward-thinking, from social to physical infrastructure. Now, with the smart city initiative, Dubai is transforming into a futuristic city with elements from the stuff of dreams and science fiction.

Self-Driving taxis

Self-driving cars have been the dream of many for decades and now it looks like they’re starting to roll out in Dubai. The Roads and Transportation Administration has allowed a self-driving taxi pilot to start. Beginning in December for three months, passengers who call a taxi in the Dubai Silicon Oasis area may get a lucky ride. Additionally, the vehicle will be an electric Mercedes-Benz E-class to hit the city’s sustainability goals.

Robot cops

Dubai has a serious reputation to upload, as a very safe city. While people can make mistakes, you know what doesn’t? The robot policemen that Dubai is deploying in the years before the Dubai 2020 World Expo. While they won’t be able to make arrests like “RoboCop”, they will be able to assess threats like unattended bags, speeding drivers, and potential criminals wandering the streets, allowing regular policemen to directly intervene in situations. And just like a regular cop, a resident or visitor can approach any robot and interact with them to get help for any situation.

Robot cleaners

Taking the Dubai Metro, which already drives itself, next year? You may soon come across a short orange machine wandering the station halls. That’s right, the Dubai Metro will start deploying autonomous robot cleaners in its stations, with the only human intervention to refill the water tanks and to turn them on and off. Being smart is also being environmentally friendly, as the robots are estimated to reduce water consumption by 76 per cent over traditional manual cleaning methods. Depending on how well this project goes, you might start seeing these everywhere to keep Dubai clean and shining.

Dubai-Abu Dhabi hyperloop

Imagine entering a pod and being shot quickly and safely through a tube to your destination. Dubai residents and visitors could soon be riding this futuristic form of transportation to Abu Dhabi in only 12 minutes, whereas the journey is currently an hour and a half through congested traffic. Powered by solar energy and essentially autonomous, this form of technology is being tested now and could soon be implemented.

With all these innovations in safety and transportation, it’s no wonder that investors have continued to invest in this booming city. Don’t know where to start? Contact Copperstones on +44 203 888 5555 or 08 445 555 555 to learn about our wide range of Dubai properties.

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