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Dubai is challenging reality in this new project

Dubai is challenging reality in this new project

Dubai ischallenging reality in this new project

Want to be John Wick for a day? For AED150 (£32), you can make your wildest fantasies come true. But first, you will need to travel to Dubai.

Set within a 26,000-square-foot space in Dubai Mall, VR Park offers unforgettable experiences ranging for bank heists to skydiving. Visitors will have access to 18 virtual reality experiences that will challenge reality and go beyond imagination in this very exciting project. A high resolution, high-FOV StarVR headset will be provided to enhance the experience of VR enthusiasts.

Combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) the VR Park is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Destined to create multiplayer experiences, the park encourages shared escapism through teamwork whether it’s a desert safari or a zombie apocalypse. With a headset and a “gun” on hand, visitors will enter a world of surprises across all genres – adrenaline, horror, leisure and more.

The popular VR Park employs cutting-edge technology and smart design that will offer a rotation of different virtual reality attractions since physical space is transcended. Suitable for different ages and tastes, movie buffs, gamers, families and miscellaneous fans will get a taste of diverse “rides” that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. To keep up with the trends, a new set of attractions will be offered every couple of months.

This is probably one of the finest VR experiences in the world, while it is the only one in the UAE. Including rides such as The Burj Drop, where you get to see how it feels to ‘fall’ from the tallest building in the world or The Walking Dead VR Outbreak, where hungry zombies will viciously attack you. The Park offers a great mixture of suspense and pleasure through a video-game simulated world.

Copperstones is excited to see Dubai’s entertainment scene expanding to add new projects that combine technology with entertainment. We cannot wait to visit VR Park and try a few of the thrilling rides.

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