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Factors to consider when relocating to London

Factors to consider when relocating to London

Factors to consider whenrelocating to London

One of the difficult decisions you may have to make when relocating to London is the process of looking for new homes in London. The British capital is known for having a fast and tight market when it comes to sales and lettings, so you have to be prepared well in advance. Copperstones can help you with this process, but here are some things to consider when relocating.

Area lifestyle

London is an exciting place to live, with a wide range of restaurants, shops, and activities to experience, but the concentration of these experiences varies from borough to borough.

If you’re looking for somewhere quieter, look further away from central London and especially not anywhere near a night bus route or Underground line. If you want good access to supermarkets or restaurants, look towards one of the dozens of ‘high streets’ throughout the city. One thing to note about shopping is that if you’re looking for a luxurious living experience, make a note about the type of retail and food offerings available. Waitrose, a high-end grocer, being nearby is a good example of this.


If you’re working or studying in London, you need to know how easy your commute will be from your ideal living location. While it is possible to drive in and around the city, London makes it a breeze to travel by rail or bus.

You also need to consider that living near any sort of rail transport in the city (Underground, Overground, DLR, Trams, National Rail) will cost more, but may lead to a higher quality of life.


London is one of the safest big cities in the world, though it’s always okay to be cautious. There aren’t any “no-go” neighborhoods, but it is always prudent to be mindful of your surroundings. A great guide in comparing potential areas to live in is the ‘Crime Data Dashboard’ updated regularly by the Metropolitan Police, particularly the ‘Safer Neighbourhoods’ tab.


If you’re a student at one of London’s prestigious universities, you may wish to consider the area around your school, as many landlords cater to different living situations. That being said, you may want to move a bit farther away if you’re coming from graduate education and want to avoid noisy students.

Conversely, if you’re moving your entire family, you can compare primary and secondary schools within an area and look up their performance on this UK government website.

Cornerstone’s team of award-winning sales professionals can help you find the best place for you to live based on your criteria and our access to some of the most exclusive properties to buy or rent. You can search for properties on our website or contact our sales team at 08 445 555 555 or +44 203 888 5555.

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