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Get your home sale ready in just one long weekend

Get your home sale ready in just one long weekend

Get your home saleready in just one long weekend

Is it possible to have your home sale-ready in just one long weekend?

If you are ready to sell your home, then this weekend is the perfect chance to prepare your home for a viewing. Take the time and spruce up your interiors with these easy ideas from our interior designers and estate agents. These top tips will help you revamp your home and impress potential buyers.

Spring clean

The three-day bank holiday weekend is ideal for you to implement a deep cleaning schedule across your property. Starting from the windows, moving on to your floors, bathrooms and kitchen, your home should be sparkling throughout.

Smells like spring spirit

Is there anything better than the smell of beautiful spring flowers? Make sure you strategically decorate your home with flowers to add scents and evoke the sense of cleanliness. Flowers are a guaranteed warm welcome to the prospective buyers and a sign of rebirth.

Tropic of capricorn

Our interior design team suggests you “succulent” your way into the buyer’s heart. Succulents and indoor plants are currently a massive decor trend that could amp any space. It’s all about bringing nature inside and highlighting the best parts of your home.

All about them

According to our estate agents, it is essential during a viewing for the buyers to envision themselves living at your home. To optimize the viewing experience, it is best that you remove anything overly personal. If you have scheduled viewings throughout the week, set a specific time to put everything back on once the viewings are over.

Fake it ‘till you make it

If you are afraid your property looks old or the potential buyers have a young taste, then a faux renovation could work wonders. Little tweaks can make a big difference in the overall feel of a room and shake-off any old-home vibe. Add pastel slipcovers, bright vases, trendy mirrors and soft cushions to get your property spring-ready. This year, Copperstones’ interior designers are loving the pastel hues and they advise on investing in mint, lilac, green and mustard yellow tones to make your interiors soft, subtle and refined for the buyers.

Tea time

It’s usually advisable for the owners to not participate in the viewing but it’s highly recommended to leave a welcoming “gift” to the potential buyers. A beautiful glass pitcher filled with iced tea or fruit-scented water on a sparkling kitchen counter could gain your property extra points. Fingers crossed they will enjoy it as much as they enjoy your property.

Our estate agents can guarantee you a smooth sale process from viewings to the exchange of contracts. Call Copperstones today on 08 445 555 555 to book your first meeting.

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