How to relocate to Dubai

  • August 28, 2018

How to relocate to Dubai

Have you ever explored the possibility of relocating to Dubai?

Relocating to Dubai has been an ongoing trend among UK citizens who are looking to explore their opportunities in the city where everything is possible. There are many different reasons professionals choose to relocate to Dubai, however, the abundance of sunshine paired with a successful career in a marvellous city is what could probably sum up why it’s worth making the move.

Essentially, Dubai will offer you the best of both worlds. High-end restaurants with traditional entertainment, international concerts with a diverse crowd, legendary shopping malls with bespoke service and top-notch cuisine from every country you can imagine. No matter what you do, you will definitely experience the opulence of Dubai – everything is accessible and open to everyone. There is no other city that delivers such a good balance between luxury and accessibility.

Dubai residence ratio

Over 80% of Dubai’s residents are actually expats from all over the world, with Westerners making up a tenth of those inhabitants. Everyone who comes to Dubai is new and open to meeting new people and expanding their social circle. Look online for UK communities in Dubai, search for your contacts and acquaintances for people who have some Dubai experience and contact them – Linkedin and other social media can be very helpful during that time too. Every person has a different experience and it’s always good to have real tangible information from those close to you.

The perfect home in Dubai

Finding a home in Dubai will be about finding the right balance between location and budget. Fortunately, real estate in Dubai is a booming market with endless possibilities to choose from. If you are there for a short time we suggest you rent, however, if you have plans to stay in Dubai for over a year, buying a house could be a solid option. The current situation of Dubai real estate favours conscious investors who are looking for reasonable and realistic opportunities. Whether you decide to extend your stay in Dubai or not, an apartment in a desirable neighbourhood in Dubai could make a terrific choice towards securing your financial future.

Copperstones offers an extensive list of homes in Dubai in prime areas such as Downtown Dubai. Imperial Avenue, for example, is located 5 mins away from the Fountains, Dubai Mall, and Burj Khalifa, making it a highly desirable development in the heart of Dubai.

Some people would claim that Dubai is much more bureaucratic compared to the rest of the world. As usual and as in every country, to ensure a successful relocation, complete paperwork must be provided. Most of the heavy lifting regarding residence visa and status will be conducted by your employer, however, it is your responsibility to provide the latest original documents as requested.

Very often, people find it hard to organise their paperwork and their documentation, this is why the Copperstones team advises having everything ready early on in the relocation process. Copperstones also suggest you attest your documents in your home or resident country, as official stamps in Dubai can be a lucrative business.

It goes without saying that moving to a new country will probably result in culture shock, however, Dubai is totally geared towards professional tourists and expats so you will enjoy high standards of living, paired with the unparalleled UAE opulence. Considered one of the fastest growing cities in the world, the Emirate had a 33-year record-breaking growth. According to the IMF, in 2018 Dubai’s GDP is expected to surge to 3.4%. As a result, great infrastructure and advanced services are available in Dubai today. Our team here at Copperstones, suggests future expats to capitalise on Dubai’s great amenities and enjoy their time there.

The Emirate’s exponential growth further reaffirms that it is an ideal place to relocate with your family as it provides a stable and prosperous environment with extremely low levels of criminality. Nonetheless, if you are considering relocating with your family, the cost of living can increase significantly. Dubai’s climate won’t allow you to cut down on money from electricity, commuting to work or entertainment.

On the positive side, if you relocate with your family, your children will experience a world-class education. Schools in Dubai are particularly good and offer a wide array of options. There are 85 private foreign schools following the curriculum of a particular country such as the USA or Britain, focusing on GCSEs or offering IB programs. We suggest you make an in-depth research of the schools before moving to the country.

Dubai is a fast-paced and dynamic city – an emerging market. If you abide by the rules and have a strong work ethic you will thrive. Expats in Dubai are very career oriented so you will have the chance to interact with talented people from all over the world.

If you are looking for a home in Dubai, our experienced team can provide you with flexible solutions tailored to your needs. Call us today on +44 (0) 8445 555 555 to book a free consultation session.