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London’s elite universities attract wealthy foreign buyers

London’s elite universities attract wealthy foreign buyers

London's eliteniversities attract wealthy foreign buyers

Going back-to-school may cost more than a few hundred pounds for some parents in London as top private universities have soared up home prices in the capital.

London, which is considered an education pinnacle since it is home to many of the greatest universities in the world, is attracting foreign capital invested by overseas parents.

Price growth might have slowed since the Brexit vote but interest for London is still very much hot, especially from affluent investors from the UAE, India and Pakistan,’ Sajid Bashir, CEO of Copperstones, highlights.

Indeed, during recent years, overseas buyers are coordinating their investment portfolios with their children’s plans, as London remains the top choice to study or find a prestigious job.

Anthony Breach, analyst with British think-tank Centre for Cities, said foreign ownership was exacerbating a broader lack of affordable housing in the British capital.

“We need to build more housing, then more people could benefit from London’s strong economy and schools. The supply of housing is not matching the demand,” he said.

This is an audience that is often overlooked, but parents from the UAE often decide to even relocate when their kids are off to college in London. In this case, they are looking for a durable property investment with a high return.

‘This is where Copperstones offers a bespoke package of services’ says the Senior Sales Negotiator at Copperstones. ‘We source exclusive properties, off-market homes and luxury apartments in London’s most sought-after locations.

According to official data, overseas parents have spent up to £2 billion on luxury property across the capital. Rents in London are reaching new heights practically every September as demand increases, so parents prefer to invest rather than spend money on rent. By investing in London via Copperstones they secure high-quality property that guarantees a high return on investment.

A desire for capital growth, a need for downsizing or simply the ‘empty nest’ syndrome are a few of the reasons, foreign parents decide to invest in London realty. ‘Timing also concedes perfectly. When children are off to college, parents repurpose their finances or start relocating assets.’ notes Copperstones’ Head of Residential.

If you are looking to invest in London’s prime property market Copperstones offers bespoke packages to cater to your every need. Our experienced team handles property research on demand and strategic investment planning while giving you access to an off-market luxury portfolio. To book your first appointment contact us on 08 445 555 555.

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