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Look beyond prices to find the real value of a property

Look beyond prices to find the real value of a property

Look beyond prices tofind the real value of a property

One lesson that economics teaches us is that it isn’t always about numbers. The great psychology of the markets is what essentially makes the world go around. The question is, how we can apply this to real estate and make wiser decisions?

Property experts like to talk with numbers but what actually makes real estate an extraordinary industry is its resilience towards numbers and its reliance on other factors. Determining the value of a property has ceased to be based on sales numbers and median prices, since real estate has begun to develop as a solid investment opportunity, regardless of market trends.

See for yourself the essential factors that will ultimately influence the value of a property.

Location, location, location

This might be real estate’s biggest cliche but it’s also its biggest truth. Properties that offer walkability, good transportation links, and cycling routes, will always be irresistible. It is worth considering the resiliency of a location before investing.

‘Nothing beats a gorgeous house close to everything. I think this is the main reason Imperial Avenue in Downtown Dubai will become so popular. It is literally a 5 min walk to where the action is, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall… You cannot beat that.’ says Head of Copperstones

Old meets new

A healthy mix of young crowds and long-term investors is a sign of a great development project. It’s always good to keep a balance between different age groups and this is achieved by adding extraordinary features to any development. London has traditionally been the best on doing that by perfectly blending the old with the new. For example, the rebirth of Battersea Power Station is an iconic project that transcends time. The projects hold a historic and cultural value that will live on for future generations.

Holistic living

A home is the center of a person’s life. A development that incorporates activities and entertainment at home automatically increases in value. People in the future will strive for work-life balance more than ever but will also want to be close to their families. A health built-in or a complete entertainment package will definitely make a difference. Al Barari in Dubai presents the perfect example of holistic living since it features a destination spa, a fitness centre, and a wellness restaurant. ‘I was particularly attracted by Nature Escapes in Al Barari. This is a fresh concept that blends entertainment with nature. Ideal for couples and a large group of friends, but also for families, Nature Escapes is the ultimate luxury picnic escape. The famous French brand Chloé has already embraced Nature Escapes in Al Barari by organizing events there.’ CEO of Copperstones highlights.

Economic growth

To evaluate an investment opportunity, it’s important to look around the property and search for signs of prosperity and economic growth.’Try to think of this the opposite way. Instead of thinking about your own prosperity, search for the financial benefits of those around the property. This is a good indicator of the present and the future of the property’s value.’ our Head of Office in London suggests. For example, Battersea Power Station was recently awarded for promoting economic growth in the area. Responsible development that offers benefits to the whole community, will eventually favour your own finances. It’s a cycle.

Tax Issues and Residency

Wherever you decide to invest your funds there will be taxation, everywhere, except Dubai. A true real estate tax haven, Dubai buyers will only have to pay a real estate transaction fee. Dubai has attracted unprecedented amounts of foreign direct investment due to its tax status, but also due to the residency status now provided. Recent changes implemented by the government will see 10-year residency visas issued to long-term investors. This ground-breaking measure will make investors stay in the UAE and eliminate transient funds. If you are ready to dive into the property investment pool, call Copperstones to help you get started. Dubai is the perfect place to grow your wealth-with absolute no capital gains tax or real estate tax- Copperstones guarantees you a smooth process from start to finish.

To learn more about investment opportunities with extraordinary value in either Imperial Avenue, Al Barari, and Battersea Power Station or The Residences Dorchester Collection and to learn more about our exclusive payment plans, call us today on 08 445 555 555 or email us at enquiries(at)copperstones(dotted)net

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