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More families are looking to move to Dubai’s suburbs

More families are looking to move to Dubai’s suburbs

More families arelooking to move to Dubai's suburbs

In a trend similar to cities in Europe and North America, more families are moving to outlying suburbs in Dubai.

The reason for these moves is varied. Some are moving due to prices, while others, as they have children or grow older, are looking for new homes in Dubai and more peaceful, less fast-paced lifestyles. Amenities like nightlife, massive malls, and a lot of restaurants tend to matter less as people mature. Many UAE residents who don’t currently live in Dubai are also moving to these areas.

As such, developers throughout Dubai have been building more suburban, private communities, like Al Barari, with a variety of housing choices from villa to low-rise apartments. These communities tend to be secluded, with lots of greenery providing a barrier to the outside world.

While there are world-class facilities in more built-up areas of the city, schools and recreational amenities in more suburban communities are less restricted by land and are able to spread out. Al Barari, for example, is able to have two separate recreational buildings, as well as miles of walking and cycling paths that don’t interact with automobiles, providing a safer experience.

Residents also have more choices and more privacy in these communities. Instead of your closest neighbours being above, below, and to both sides, in many of these areas, you may only share one wall on one side. Additionally, you could have private pools and gardens you can customize to your delight, appealing to those who love gardening.

If this lifestyle appeals to you, you may wish to look to move to Al Barari, one of Copperstones’ many properties available in Dubai. To learn more, contact us by email or by phone here.

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