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New iconic Miami bridge starts construction

New iconic Miami bridge starts construction

New iconicMiami bridge starts construction

With short-term pain comes long-term gain, as Miami will gain beautiful and useful infrastructure through a new motorway project.

There are three major components of this project that will make Miami a better place to live and to ease travelling in the south Florida Region: a new iconic bridge in Downtown Miami, a double decker highway and new community plazas under the I-395 in the city centre.

Double Decker Highway

The I-395’s western section passes by Miami International Airport and gives visitors access to two of Florida’s biggest natural parks. Improvements in this area will create a local-express system by creating a second highway deck over the existing one, allowing travelers above to bypass local on and off ramps (and the congestion they cause).

Similar systems work well in other North American cities like New York City and Toronto, and with the height of the new upper deck, visitors will be treated with an elevated view of Miami when driving to the city’s centre.

An Iconic Bridge

Improvements to the I-395 motorway in the east will have an extra lane in each direction, easing congestion between Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and the rest of Florida.

However, the most impressive part of the entire project happens here, as an existing overpass is rebuilt as a series of sweeping arches, a beautiful addition to an area of Downtown Miami that is home to much of the city’s museums, galleries, and performing arts centers.

Heritage Trail Park

Taking a cue from similar properties in Miami and beyond, the space under the motorway will be transformed into a series of public plazas and recreational spaces. The land is mostly vacant right now, aside from some parking lots.

The new ‘Heritage Trail’ will be over 55 acres of new public green space for the city. However, residents of Downtown Miami will soon have more access to markets, impressive water fountains, playgrounds, and new event venues.

With a spate of new infrastructure projects and booming optimism in the local economy, Miami is one of the best places to invest. To learn more about Copperstones’ exclusive Miami offering, the Aston Martin Residences, please contact us as soon as possible.

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