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SkyRise Miami to start construction on luxury entertainment tower

SkyRise Miami to start construction on luxury entertainment tower

SkyRise Miami tostart construction on luxury entertainment tower

Miami is set to attempt to pierce the sky when the Skyrise Miamientertainment tower starts construction next year.

While the 1,000-foot tall entertainment complex will be a little more than half the height of the Burj Khalifa, SkyRise Miami will become the tallest tower in the Sunshine State of Florida when it opens in 2023.

Designed by Arquitectonica, the Miami-based firm which has shaped much of the city’s skyline, SkyRise Miami will be the ultimate entertainment venue for South Florida.

Built near a marina next to Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami, SkyRise will have two observation decks, rides, and entertainment venues. Harbour cruises will be available for those who prefer their skyline views from the ground.

The premium observation deck will offer 40 miles views of South Florida including the greater Miami region and the Atlantic Ocean and will offer a special viewing experience with a late-night bar and entertainment.

For thrill-seekers, the new entertainment venue will feature a number of rides and attractions. SkyPlunge will be a heart-stopping base-jumping experience, as you’re dropped 55 mph from the outside of the tower. The world’s highest Ferris wheel title will be snatched from Dubai in 2023 as SkyRise’s Skyway attraction becomes the highest at 1,000 feet.

The new observation tower will also include a variety of entertainment options and new places to hold your next event. A new fine dining restaurant is planned to give amazing views of Miami at 840 feet. A grand ballroom is planned at 750 feet and a conference center at 820 feet. There is also expected to be a new concert space and a children’s entertainment zone.

SkyRise Miami is expected to have a big impact on the hospitality and entertainment industry when it opens in 2023 and will forever change the Miami skyline, as many observation towers have in the past.

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