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The Burj Khalifa celebrates nine years

The Burj Khalifa celebrates nine years

The Burj Khalifa celebrates nine years

It’s the show-stopping tower that exemplifies Dubai’s reach for global city power and a symbol for the drive to reach the sky. Last Friday, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa celebrated nine years of being the world’s tallest building and structure.

As the centrepiece of Downtown Dubai, the skyscraper has attracted millions to the emirate in the last decade. Here are five interesting facts about the tower.

Not just satisfied with being the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa is the holder or the inspiration for eight Guinness World Records. For the building itself, this includes the tallest elevator in a building (504 m/1,654 ft), most floors in a building (163), and the highest restaurant in the world (441.3 m/1447 ft 10 in). There are also three records for the fireworks displays and two for BASE jumping and climbing the tower.

If you did want to climb the tower on foot, the stairwell would take you up 160 floors. That’s 2,909 steps. While this seems like a grueling amount, consider that stair climbs in other tall buildings, like Canada’s CN Tower at 1,776 steps, take on average 40 minutes and elite climbers could probably scale the Dubai skyscraper in that time or less.

12,000 workers spent over 22 million hours collectively over nine years to build the Burj Khalifa. For comparison, a naval aircraft carrier takes around the same time to build.fa 946,000 liters of water are used every day in the Burj Khalifa. This one building uses roughly the same amount of water as the 1.875 million people Northern Ireland uses in their entire country for their showers.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Burj Khalifa, and its surrounding environs of Downtown Dubai, are some of the most photographed and ‘Instagrammed’ buildings in the world. Over 1.87 million people pass through the tower’s doors every year.

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