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Tips & Tricks to Transform Your Balcony in Dubai Abode

Tips & Tricks to Transform Your Balcony in Dubai Abode

Tips & Tricks toTransform Your Balcony in Dubai Abode

People who have moved from villas to relatively smaller apartments in Dubai may envy others who can still enjoy massive outdoor space in form of a backyard or garden. Let us remind you that you should not underestimate the value of a small and cozy balcony, because it can instantly turn into a happy place. All you need is to be a little creative and pay attention to this corner and experiment with different materials and colours and voila! It will be a beautiful nook in no time that allows you to gaze at the world beyond, read a book or have a snack break peacefully. Interestingly, we have gathered some budget-friendly ideas for the balcony décor to inspire you to kick-start a new project for your apartment in Dubai.

Design a layout

If you are a Dubai resident, you must know that it hardly rains in Dubai so, whatever furniture or décor item, you will choose will not be destroyed with water. Therefore, you have the liberty to play around with your imaginations and come up with a practical and creative design. If hanging potted plants is not the idea that appeals to you, you can go for other bespoke features such as decorative sculptures, pebbles to create a mini green corner, or add a small fountain to give a unique touch to your balcony. Once everything is designed – you can start writing the idea (if you cannot draw) on paper and see what items do you need to purchase to start afresh.

Think about colours

The simplest and easiest way to uplift any space is to add colour to it. If you do have a particular theme in mind, you can change the wall paint accordingly, which will overall change the look and feel of the balcony. If you are not willing to change the paint colour of the walls, you can go for wall stickers or wall decals that can uplift the space. Moreover, you can add wall hangings, and planters in the corner to set the theme.

Think about floor

When you are turning a small balcony into your sanctuary, you cannot ignore the importance of the floor. If the budget allows, you can go for wooden tiles or any other flooring option of your choice but on the contrary, you can add turf rug (artificial grass) or a matching decorative rug to the floor. You should not worry about things being ruined outside, just keep them clean like other parts of your house. You can also go for a pebble floor in one corner and add a statement furniture item in other. We can provide ideas and you can choose according to your personal preference.

Keep it green

When it comes to apartments in Dubai, you must know that most of the developments do not have lush green patches around, due to the arid atmosphere around. Therefore, the balcony demands some shades of green as it gives a nicer and calmer touch to the space and helps you cool down your nerves after a hectic day. Moreover, green looks spectacular with any other shade, be it a brown bench or white table and chairs. Do not overdo the pots and planters but keep the theme alive and add some plants, flowers or plant pots to your balcony.

Throw some cushions and pillows

If your balcony is too small to add a piece of furniture, it does not mean you cannot decorate it. Take our idea and set up your balcony with floor pillows. Add as many patterns and colours as you want and hang some fairy lights on the walls and you will see a huge difference. On the contrary, if you are adding a piece of furniture to your balcony, you can add colourful cushions on the chairs or bench. After all, it all comes down to your personal preference.

Don’t go with blank walls

When you are adding so many colours to your balcony through rug and cushions, then you should not settle for blank walls. You can add some frames, pictures, potted plants in a vertical manner, or some wall stickers to the walls. You do not need to follow a single pattern picked from Pinterest but you can add your individuality and spruce up the balcony with your personalized wall décor ideas. No matter, how small the balcony is – you can always play around with numerous options.

Light it up

Lighting can completely transform the place so choose the right kind of balcony that can turn a plain, ordinary balcony into a personalized sanctuary. All home designing brands have a wide variety of lighting options such as hanging lights, fairy lights, pendant lights, incandescent lights or ring lights. You can make a bespoke combination as well depending upon your requirement and mood such as you can add hanging lamps on the table and fairy lights on the walls. All you need is to explore the options as the sky is the limit when it comes to transforming a space according to your mood.

Add some patio furniture

Nowadays, the weather is pleasant in Dubai, so you must wake your creative side and play around with the options to decorate your balcony. You can visit furniture stores and select stylish patio furniture, which is no more just a plain table and chair. You can find a wide variety of stylish, functional, and modern types of furniture to make your balcony look aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time. For more details and consultation, contact the Team Copperstones at +44 203 888 5555

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