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Travelling around Miami in style

Travelling around Miami in style

Travelling around Miami in style

With the Aston Martin Residences coming to Miami in the next few years, you may be wondering what are your options for getting around this sunny beach city on the Atlantic.

Being an essential American city, it’s always a breeze to travel around by car. The interstate, the American series of motorways, connects Miami to every major city in Florida, and you can even take the I-95 from Downtown Miami all the way up to New York City. The beautiful beaches of Miami Beach can be accessed through several bridges across Biscayne Bay.

For those who prefer not to drive, central Miami provides comfortable and quick options to get around the region. Miami, being on the coast, is described as being as “flat as a pancake” which makes walking or cycling to any of the hundreds of nearby restaurants, cafes, beaches, or stores not difficult at all.

America’s first high-speed rail line runs out of Miami, and every experience on the Brightline, which connects Miami to West Palm Beach, and eventually Orlando and Tampa Bay, is by default luxurious. Seating options are more comfortable than a plane, with only business and first-class available, with free wifi, lounges, and a wide variety of dining options. Brightline also regularly hosts events such as vintage wine tasting to suit a more affluent clientele.

There’s also a series of elevated trains that make zipping around downtown Miami easy. The Metromover, similar to the Dockland Light Railway in London, is a free system that connects to all the popular destinations in Downtown Miami. The Metrorail is an elevated subway system, similar to the Dubai Metro, that connects the broader Miami region, as well as Downtown Miami to Miami International airport.

To all those jet setters, Miami International Airport serves over 35 million people a year, with London-Miami flights being especially popular, and flights to tropical destinations all over Central America and the Caribbean are always available.

Anyone with a yacht or looking to travel the wave has abundant options in Miami. PortMiami is the cruise capital of the world, with regular and mega cruises available to sails the seas of the Caribbean and beyond. The residents of the Aston Martin Residences will even have access to a superyacht marina, and potentially access to butler services that will ferry residents to a private, exclusive beach.

Looking for your next home or investment in Miami? Copperstones is one of the exclusive agents of the Aston Martin Residences at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way. If you’re interested, call our award-winning team on +44 203 888 5555 or 08 445 555 555.

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