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Types of residential property you should really know by now

Types of residential property you should really know by now

Types of residential property you should really know by now

Amid Brexit talks and the anticipated upsurge of the real estate market in London, investors are returning ‘hungry’ to the capital to source luxury properties and relocate their assets from other major markets such as Dubai, Russia and China to London.

Copperstones, based in Central London since 2014, assists affluent buyers in locating London’s best-kept luxury properties and diversifying their portfolio globally. As our team specializes in residential property investment, we always provide our clients with a complete report of their options based on their financials and their capital growth goals. Any savvy real estate investor should definitely grow their portfolio methodically and be knowledgeable of the options offered. We always advise our clients to aim for a good mix of properties either they are focusing on residential, commercial or both.

We have gathered the three types of residential property investment available to you:

Inner-city residential property

An international favourite, the inner-city residential property is very popular, especially for major capital cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid or metropolitan cities like New York.Even though the London property market is slowing down, capital growth continues to generate profits for investors. Historically, London has been very robust to market fluctuations and will continue to perform as it represents more than a prosperous real estate market. Organized by zones, London and its very distinct neighbourhoods attract affluent investors from every part of the world. The past year has been very critical for real estate in London, especially due to the affordable housing crisis. To mend the crisis, the Mayor of London has proposed the expansion of the inner city. By this, investors interested in London are looking at various options, as real estate hotspots are multiplying. The introduction of the new Elizabeth line will also be a major driver to the property market.

Provincial residential property

As many small-scale investors are priced out of the city centre, the provincial residential property investment becomes more popular. Regional infrastructure funding is steadily rising in the UK, however, commuting costs are also still very high. Each provincial residential market presents different maturity levels while some of them may show signs of seasonal growth. There is no doubt that demand for outer city property will rise, however, it is still uncertain in which direction exactly.

Off-plan residential property investment

A previously unheard concept, off-plan is now the new norm in London’s luxury market. As London continues to grow, the limits of the city are expanding while regeneration projects are sprouting up everywhere. Cashing out on new homes and off-plan are many well-placed investors from the UAE. Favourable payment plans and endless options for customisation and bespoke interior solutions attract investors and end-users alike. Buying off-plan is like buying into the future and the future of London will surely be bright.

In conclusion, residential property markets are cyclical and highly depended on political, social and economic factors that shape people’s psychology every day. In the longer term and even after Brexit, the UK will re-establish its dominance on the global landscape. The secret of London’s market is the ‘better relative value’ it offers, which is a rare and valuable factor that will keep the market rolling.

Copperstones offers exclusive listings in London’s most sought-after location Battersea Power Station, bespoke property searches as well as off-plan investment opportunities. To book your first meeting, call us on +44 203 888 5555, 08 445 555 555.

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