UAE ranked as the safest country in the world

  • March 20, 2019

UAE ranked as the safest country in the world

Don’t feel safe walking in your neighbourhood at night? You may wish to move to Dubai, where over 96% of the population feels that taking a nighttime stroll is secure and nothing bad will happen.

That statistic comes from the United Arab Emirate’s governmental national index; the country now has the highest perception of public safety in the world, beating the city-state of Singapore for the first time.

The UAE has come along since the 90s, cracking down on crime and bringing improvements to ensure the safety of residents and tourists.

You can, for example, report crimes directly to the police with an app, as opposed to having to call an emergency number, and all police departments in the country are fully-equipped with mobile phones. The UAE recorded over 4,000 cases reported with the app last year.

In fact, improvement to emergency services now makes Dubai have the second-highest emergency response time in the world, after New York City.

There have been major decreases in some serious issues, such as 71% fewer road accidents per capita in the last decade.

The UAE also has the world’s lowest crime rates for murder and sexual assault, making it an incredibly safe country for women worldwide.

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