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Will Dubai become the most technologically advanced city of the future?

Will Dubai become the most technologically advanced city of the future?

Will Dubai become the mosttechnologically advanced city of the future?

With ambitious plans to create a paperless, fast-track, high-tech city Dubai hopes to compete with the U.S, Western Europe and Asia as one of the most advanced cities in the world. Security and potential threats to the city’s prosperity, the health of its citizens and the implementation of high-tech transportation are the main areas of focus for the emirate.

Today, we present to you the plans Dubai has announced to reach the top of advanced urban living.


Dubai is set to launch a security system for ‘your eyes only’. Project Oyoon-Arabic for eyes- will involve the installation of up to tens of thousands of surveillance cameras using AI to identify potential criminals.

With the support and participation of the governmental, semi-governmental and private sectors the security update is set to be implemented in 2021, a target date for the emirate for various upcoming projects. Providing a safe and upscale lifestyle to attract international tourism, economic prosperity and international investors are the main aspects Dubai will be focusing on in the next few years.

Major General Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri , Assistant Commandant for Criminal Investigations of Dubai Police, said the aim of the project is to create an integrated security system that works through all strategic partners to exploit modern and sophisticated technologies and artificial intelligence features to prevent crime, reduce traffic accident related deaths, prevent any negative incidents in residential, commercial and vital areas and to be able to respond immediately to incidents even before they get reported to the command unit.

In terms of tourism, Dubai visitors are going to experience an alternative experience in airports since ID checks will be featuring advanced iris scan technology. Travellers departing from Dubai airport will walk through a tunnel displaying high-quality images of an aquarium while their faces are being scanned. Set to be rolled out in all terminals by 2020, the advanced technology will be launched by summer 2019.


Dubai’s Health Authority will participate in the“Human Genome project” to map the genetic code of the entire population and use AI to analyse the results and identify likely diseases and health issues. A massive genomic databank, genome mapping, using AI to predict diseases and personalised medical treatment will comprise the 24-month project.


Dubai has ambitious plans to revolutionize the transport sector by introducing flying taxis, self-driving vehicles, and a magnetic tunnel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in the near future. Traditionally, the emirate has been a testing ground for future transport technologies and will stay ahead by adopting the latest technology.

The Hyperloop, a potentially magnetic tunnel that will link Dubai to Abu Dhabi in a 12-minute futuristic journey of pods and humans, will begin construction this year. Plans that include a new $90 million command and control center-the EC3- have also been recently revealed. Dubai also believes that will be able to accommodate five times more vehicles than today, by making a quarter of its transport autonomous by 2030.

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