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5 Tips For Mastering The New Property Year 2018

5 Tips For Mastering The New Property Year 2018

5 Tips For MasteringThe New Property Year 2018

January is undeniably the busiest time for the property market as most of us start looking for a fresh start, whether it is investing in a profitable asset, buying a new house or finding their perfect rental home.

At** Copperstones** we always advise our clients to get their finances, their property and their mortgages sorted out before the year ends. By this, they will have the leverage when the post-festive rush hits the market and everyone is back to work from New Year’s Day.

1. Accepting an Offer

If one of our clients is currently in the final stage of securing a good offer for their property, then we speed up the deal, to agree on a price before everything shuts down for Christmas. We employ this technique to ensure speedy processes for our clients and show goodwill to the buyers.

2. Making an Offer

Agreeing on a good deal just before Christmas arrives is also of interest if you are trying to purchase or rent a property. Consequently, we also recommend making an offer in December instead of January, since you will have increased chances of securing your dream home. Accepting a good offer and making one is a two -way street.

3. Putting Your Property on The Market

If you are currently planning on putting your home on the market now is the time to do it. Visit us at 2 Crawford Place London W1H 5NA to discuss discreet marketing strategies to promote your property. Our team of in-house professional photographers will snap your property before you have the Christmas lights on. Our marketing team will then draw up an extensive strategy that highlights the selling points of your home while tailoring it to your existing needs.

4. Arranging Viewings

Organizing some last few viewings of your property before the holidays might not be a bad idea since viewers will be relaxed and in a festive mood. Leave a handwritten Christmas note to them and make the viewing remarkable.

5. Sorting Out Your Finances

Getting your finances ready might not be the most festive thing to do during this time, but it will certainly be beneficial to you when you get back from the holidays. Sorting out a mortgage agreement in principle will save you time and allow you to plan strategically your next investment move. Call us on +44 (0) 8445 555 555 to arrange a private investment consultation and get the latest insights on London’s property market.

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