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A Dubai-Abu Dhabi hyperloop travel is coming soon

A Dubai-Abu Dhabi hyperloop travel is coming soon

A Dubai-Abu Dhabihyperloop travel is coming soon

It seems that Dubai is getting close to its first subsonic ride to Abu Dhabi. The Dubai Hyperloop, Virgin’s ambition futuristic project for transforming transportation is set to launch within the next 2 years in Dubai.

A pod will carry passengers at speeds that will reach 760mph between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in just 12 minutes. The original distance between the cities is 140 km, with journey times of 90 mins by car.

Dubai Hyperloop will carry up to 10,000 passengers per hour in both directions in the vacuum tubes powered by an electromagnetic propulsion system. Each pod initially unveiled in February 2018, are designed for short and medium distances with a capacity of up to 10 passengers.

The interiors of the magnetic levitation tube were earlier revealed in June 2018, boasting a luxury interior with angled seats with plenty of legroom, embedded touch screens and futuristic design elements. Displaying information and entertainment the high-definition screens will be completed by leather luxurious seats to ensure comfortable travels.

Virgin, who designed the pod prototypes, is collaborating closely with Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) to deliver the project that will revolutionize transport for the UAE and beyond.

Among Dubai’s plans for a splendid city of the future, the aim to make 25% of all journeys driverless by 2030 is hugely supported by the RTA. The Dubai Hyperloop will assist in reaching these ambitious goals, while it will improve connectivity between the two cities. Dubai officials aspire to create a complete hyperloop network between different cities of the region to create faster and more reliable transport links.

The low friction pods will achieve highs speeds by reducing air pressure inside the tube to an equivalent measure experienced at 200,000 feet above sea level.

In a written statement, His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, director general of the RTA, has said: ‘When introduced in future, the Hyperloop technology will impact the town planning and the availability of parking spaces.

It will revolutionise people mobility between various destinations in the city, logistical hubs like airports and ports, and shipping patterns.

Dubai is on track of exponential growth, incorporating cutting-edge technology and we cannot wait to experience the future via the Dubai hyperloop!

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