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Futuristic urban ideas that could be coming soon

Futuristic urban ideas that could be coming soon

Futuristic urbanideas that could be coming soon

It’s a new year and we’re excited about new innovations that were proposed by technology companies and architecture firms in the last few years. Some of these new ideas have a real chance of changing how cities will look and how we experience our daily lives. Here are five ideas that could happening soon.

The Boring Company

Elon Musk revealed his latest plan, combining his Tesla electric, autonomous cars with a new tunneling technology, in December. While there are no set plans for his underground and inexpensive car highways, people around the world are abuzz for the possibilities that this technology, when further refined, could have on congestion in the world’s busiest cities.


Another Musk technology, there have been real strides in the technology in the last year. American firm HyperloopTT revealed a new pod design to whisk passengers away. Foster + Partners revealed their design for hyperloop tubes and cargo hubs. Two companies have announced plans to link Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes in the near future.

Climate-protected walkways

Whether you’re in the scorching heat of Dubai or in the rain of London, walking outside can sometimes be a hazard. However, Google, through their city-technology firm Sidewalk Labs, has unveiled a proposal to create movable fabric shields that cities can use to cover pedestrian walkways along busy retail streets and create comfortable environments all year round. While it’s being designed for a snowy Canadian winter, it could be adapted to shield from sandstorms and rain.

Amazon go stores

Spreading across the US, Amazon has decided to launch its first UK Amazon Go grocery store in London sometime in the next year. While it doesn’t sound exciting, this new model of retail could soon be present everywhere. There aren’t cashiers; you simply scan your phone upon entering and Amazon’s precise cameras see you picking up items and charges your account accordingly.

Electric flying taxis

The flying car could become a reality sooner than later. Uber has partnered with Bell Helicopter to create a flying electric vehicle that could replace on-street travel in Los Angeles. This sounds like science fiction…except Uber has partnered with NASA, a no-nonsense government science agency, to make this a reality by 2020.

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