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Battersea Power Station awarded for promoting economic growth

Battersea Power Station awarded for promoting economic growth

Battersea Power Station awarded for promoting economic growth

Battersea Power Station (BPS) and Circus West Village – Phase 1 of the development, have been awarded in the Planning Awards for promoting economic growth in the area in which they operate in.

As an advanced mixed-use project that transforms Nine Elms, BPS is dedicated to adding value into the local area. Circus West Village, which is Phase 1 of the project, was successfully handed over in early 2017 and has seen tremendous growth since then.

“This award is a great acknowledgement of the many benefits that Circus West Village has already brought to the local community. These include jobs, amenities, cultural projects and work for many local suppliers and businesses. As the subsequent phases of the project come on line there will be even more to come.” Simon Murphy, CEO of the Battersea Power Station Development Company, highlighted.

In Circus West Village new shops and restaurants are added every day to enhance the community and establish a new vibrant neighbourhood. Based on the idea of empowering people with exceptional skills, qualifications and jobs, BPS is committed to promoting prosperity across all aspects of the development. Battersea Academy for Skills Excellence (BASE) is the key BPS initiative that is bringing positive change to the local community. BASE is a bespoke platform destined to match local residents with existing local job programmes to fill in the thousands of roles at Battersea Power Station.

The redevelopment of Battersea Power Station will inject £20bn into the UK economy and will have created 20,000 jobs by the time the project is complete. Local residents are now working across 19 diverse sectors in Battersea Power Station with more job openings coming soon.

Cllr Govindia CBE, Leader of Wandsworth Council has described the Council’s plans to work closely with BPS to ensure that the local area is positively affected by the development as innovative ideas are put into place.

Redeveloping Battersea Power Station has been a large-scale project of historical significance since it will pair the cultural legacy with design innovation and placemaking. Investors are invited to take part in this iconic project that will forever change the Southbank of London.

Our team here at Copperstones provides accompanied on-site visits to the development so our clients can experience what it feels like living, working and having fun in Battersea Power Station.

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