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Battersea Power Station getting ready to fire up

Battersea Power Station getting ready to fire up

Battersea Power Station getting ready to fire up

Residents at Battersea Power Station or any of the residences in the newly gentrified Nine Elms District will never have to worry about a power outage.

Next to the River Thames and below Power Station Park, a newly built Energy Centre will provide heating, hot water, electricity and cooling utilities to residents of the new area, and potentially provide excess power to the rest of the city.

Vitali Energy was just handed the keys to the cavernous space, where they will outfit the facility in time for the newly rejuvenated Battersea Power Station’s opening in 2020. The company has built district energy, cooling, and heating systems throughout London including Merchant Square and Imperial College London.

While one of the power station chimneys has been rebuilt with a great glass elevator to provide clear views of the capital, two of the remaining three have been rebuilt to vent out vapour from the energy operations, though as the new facility is much more efficient, it won’t be belching out clouds of smog like previous operations.

The new energy centre is the size of 60 Olympic swimming pools and will use natural gas generators, which is much cleaner than coal used during the original Battersea Power Station era. The developers estimate that 5,000 tonnes of carbon emissions will be reduced every year by having a district plant on site as opposed to transporting energy from elsewhere.

Power Station Park, designed by LDA Design, will provide sound-proofing for the facility, ensuring that residents and businesses aren’t disturbed by the generators.

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