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Dubai ‘colonises’ Mars

Dubai ‘colonises’ Mars

Dubai'colonises' Mars

The United Arab Emirates is building a prototype Mars city in the desert for its latest ‘out of this world’ project.

Assigned by the UAE government, world-renowned architect and among the most influential people of the world according to TIME, Bjarke Ingels, will build a city in the desert simulating life on Mars.

As part of the larger Mars 2117 project, Mars Science City will be the largest simulation city ever built combining education, research, exhibition and innovation.

Mars 2117 is the most ambitious plan of the UAE yet since it entails a 99-year plan for the Emirates to build their first colony on Mars and contribute to humanity’s space exploration.

According to Ingels, Mars might be unsuitable for human life but it is Earth’s best chance of gaining interplanetary civilisation with the UAE making a huge step towards realising that goal.

Launching from Mushirf Park in Dubai, UAE’s space project will comprise of a man-made simulation of life on Mars to intrigue the younger generations and attract the best scientific minds in the world.

At a cost of nearly $140 million, the interconnected dome city will span across 1.9 million square feet and will provide “a viable and realistic model to simulate living on the surface of Mars.”, according to the press release issued by the Dubai Media Office.


Participating scientists and engineers will have the chance to live on the red planet for one year.

Several labs for food, energy, water and agriculture will be created not only to simulate life on Mars but also to possibly take upon the larger climate challenges on Earth. Set to be completed in 2020, Mars Science City will also include a museum for visitors to explore science exhibits.

3D printing technology, heat and radiation insulation and desert sand, will be used to showcase the greatest achievements of humanity while educating the younger generations about the future of the planet. The advanced construction techniques in the form of an interconnected dome will create the space feel of the project.


The designs of Mars City are rather impressive and according to Ingels himself, this is a prototype not only for the UAE to explore space but also for humanity to seek sustainable solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, prime minister and ruler of Dubai, has said that with this project the UAE hopes to collaborate with global partners and leaders in order to improve the quality of life on Earth. Mars Science City is “another step in the UAE’s leading contributions to the global science movement; we seek to set an example and motivation for others to participate and contribute to humanity’s march into space” he noted.

According to H.E Dr Mohamed Nasser Al Ahbabi, Director General of the UAE Space Agency, the UAE’s space sector is the largest in the region in terms of investment, capabilities, maturity, knowledge and experience, accounting for $6 billion.


The UAE never shies away from awe-inspiring projects with Mars Science City being the grandest and ambitious project up to now. Seems like the Emirates are really shooting for the stars or much further in this case.

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