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Dubai market to mature as a safe haven for investment

Dubai market to mature as a safe haven for investment

Dubai market to mature as a safe haven for investment

When is it the best time to invest in Dubai property? Experts say that there has never been a better time for savvy investors interested in Dubai. Holborn Assets’ latest report characterises the market conditions as ideal for those looking to invest in the Emirate.

Dubai inflation

The leading advisory firm underlines the major role of speculation and inflation in the first years of Dubai’s exponential growth. As it turns out, lower rents, a significant dip in values and the oversupply of units are reshaping the real estate industry in Dubai.

Many experts have come to see this as a warning, however, Joanne Phillips, General Manager of the Mortgage Division at Holborn Assets advises differently:

“Property in Dubai still presents investors with many exciting opportunities.”.

New order in the Dubai real estate market

Nonetheless, the new order in the Dubai market calls for more realism and cautiousness in the sector, which can be proven highly beneficial for investors in search of solid opportunities with low risk and steady returns.

2017 was widely recognised as a ‘testing’ time for the market, with various issues rearing their head such as an overall 12% drop in rental prices, a decrease of 4% across all quality brands, and a 20% decline in ‘luxury’ areas such as Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai.

Dubai real estate come-back

The continuing lack of taxes, property appreciation, salaries, and rental yields, have a tremendous appeal to international investors who view Dubai as a safe investment haven.

According to Holborn Assets’ report, the readjustment in the Dubai real estate market can only be a positive development since investors can get a better deal while properties become accessible to more people.

Our team here at Copperstones sees the re-evaluation the property market underwent in recent years as a catalyst to promote healthy competition and reasonable prices. In the years to come, healthy growth will advance the property market, re-establishing Dubai’s position as a matured real estate market with high returns. In the meantime, opportunities in Dubai luxury real estate will continue to entice real estate enthusiasts and experts. Dubai is always one step ahead when it comes to luxury and comfort.

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