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Dubai introduces digital vehicle plates for improved road safety

Dubai introduces digital vehicle plates for improved road safety

Dubai introduces digital vehicleplates for improved road safety

In the light of seeking to become an international technology hub, Dubai will soon introduce digital vehicle plates. In a trial starting in May, vehicles in Dubai will be fitted with smart plates, digital screens, GPS and transmitters.

According to Sultan Abdullah Al-Marzouqi, the head of the Vehicle Licensing Department at Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the plates will enhance driving in Dubai. “The digital plate, called Tag to Connect, is a smart screen that will replace the current metal plate,” Sultan Abdullah Al Marzouqi, Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Director of Vehicle Licensing Department, told Khaleej Times at the Future Cities Show in Dubai.

Focusing on road safety, traffic and protection against theft, the digital plates will change the life of drivers in the Emirate. The digital plates will allow real-time communication with other drivers in case of an emergency or a simple warning of the traffic ahead. They will also display alerts if the vehicle or plates have been stolen.

The introduction of digital plates will optimize the transportation system in Dubai allowing for the payment of fines, parking fees or renewing the registration plates to be automatically deducted from the users’ account. Number plates will also be changed using the RTA’s app or website.

The cost of the project is still unknown, however, it is part of Dubai’s grand plan to become the happiest place in the world, providing safety, security and life-enhancing services to the residents.

The trial s meant to test the network that will support the plates and identify potential glitches and signal failures due to the exceptionally hot weather in Dubai. “We want to know how the smart plates can survive in the UAE weather, how humidity and dust can affect the transfer of data and to determine its life cycle and other technological requirements,” Al Marzouqi explained.

After the trial ends in November 2018, Dubai authorities will have a clear understanding of the project and its cost.

With this project, Dubai comes one step closer to becoming the most technologically advanced city in the world. If you want to live in the city that never ceases to evolve, call Copperstones today on +44 (0) 8445 555 555 to find your dream home in Dubai.

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