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In Hatta Dubai for ‘glamping’ inspired by Hollywood

In Hatta Dubai for ‘glamping’ inspired by Hollywood

In Hatta Dubai for'glamping' inspired by Hollywood

Is there more to Dubai than the luxury real estate and skyscrapers? An unusual and unique project just outside Dubai is coming to prove the innovation behind the Emirati mind.

Meeras, the Dubai Government-backed real estate company, plans to develop a series of hospitality Properties in Dubai region of Hatta as part of the 10-year Hatta Development Plan, intended to position the mountainous area as a global destination for eco-tourism.

Meeras’ plans include the creation of the American dream, where visitors will enjoy the scenic mountainside with a touch of Hollywood and Joshua Tree.

As fewer people are visiting America, the UAE has welcomed a record-breaking number of international tourists last year, growing 16.5% in total since 2015. Tourism initiatives have been extremely high on the government agenda, as cities in the UAE and especially Dubai, have reached new levels of evolutionary luxury and tailored services.

At this rate, the emiratis are expected to host 20 million visitors by the year 2020, as anticipation for Expo 2020 grows stronger.

It was in late 2016 when Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid announced a $3.5 million initiative to boost tourism in the mountain town of Hatta, just over an hour drive from Dubai. To support this initiative, Meraas is now introducing this remarkable venture.

Widely known in global travel trends as “glamping”, the project will comprise mountain lodges and a trailer-style hotel that blends the natural environment with a glamorous stay. As an ecotourism initiative, the project will not comprise the geological integrity of the area or impact the surrounding communities and ecosystems.

Hatta, a natural reserve of immense beauty, already features bike paths, hiking trails, and a lake to swim or kayak. At night, visitors will be able to enjoy incredible views of the sky full of stars.

However, visitors should also expect Hollywood-style letters spelling Hatta on the hillside above the visitors’ centre fused with centuries-old Heritage Village representations that have been restored for tourists to envision traditional life in the mountains.

Set for a quick completion later in 2018, Hatta is set to attract affluent tourists and visitors who are looking for a unique experience amongst the Emirati mountains.

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