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Dubai is building the largest mall in the world

Dubai is building the largest mall in the world

Dubai is buildingthe largest mall in the world

Do you know where the biggest mall in the world is? Four times larger than the Mall of America in Minnesota, bigger than New China South Mall, and inspired by Beverly Hills, Dubai will host the biggest mall in the world.

This new massive real estate project will not only include the biggest mall in the world but it will be part of a larger real estate venture, Dubai Square, an air-conditioned city equal to 10 football pitches.

Dubai Square will spread across 48 million sq.ft. to host 100 hotels, a theme park, and theatres and will be developed by Dubai Holdings for approximately $6.8 billion.

Known for its love of superlatives and record-breaking ventures, Dubai is set to introduce a disruptive innovation in the retail sector with Dubai Square. From the architectural masterminds behind Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, Dubai Square will present unprecedented luxury and extravagance in a technologically advanced environment.

Dubai Square is destined to dissolve the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor, break down the barriers between online and in-mall shopping and blur the distinction between retail and entertainment.

Visitors to Dubai Square will not just shop and dine; they will mix, socialise and witness the new era of digital and experiential retail, complete with a futuristic amphitheatre, art district, Luxury Avenue, waterpark, Ice Adventure, VR Park, and much more in the way of fun for all ages.

Located at Dubai Creek Harbor, the destination’s magnitude and the adjacency to the global must-see attraction, Dubai Creek Tower, are only the beginning of the universal appeal of Dubai Square. Connected to Dubai Creek Towerthrough an underground extension, the new tallest building in the world is expected to accommodate the influx of tourists in Dubai.

It might take up to 10 years for Dubai Square to come to life, however ‘the mall of the world’ will be ready in 3 years.

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