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Dubai is on the right track to happiness

Dubai is on the right track to happiness

Dubai is on the right track to happiness

Can one country measure happiness to track its overall advancement? Happiness, a concept rarely mentioned by governments, has been UAE’s latest endeavour. The Customer Happiness Index launched by the UAE government is set to track satisfaction in order to make its citizens rank top in the happiest people in the world.

Originally launched in 2016, under the pillar of Cohesive Society and Preserved Identity of National Agenda, the UAE Government aims to make the country amongst the top five happiest countries in the world by 2021. The Happiness Index is a composite indicator that measures an individual’s assessment of his standards of living and satisfaction by using a survey, which is a key performance indicator in this regard.

The first phase included the circulation of the index to all customer happiness centres and the appointment of 60 Chief Happiness and Positivity Officers from federal and local governments that underwent extensive training to understand the ‘science of happiness’ and implement it. The training programme consisted of five pillars: the science of happiness and positivity, mindfulness, leading a happy team, happiness and policies in government work and measuring happiness.

The second phase that was launched in June aims to evaluate more than 250 services of federal government entities accessed through different channels.

Uhoud Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Happiness and Quality of Life and general manager of the Prime Minister’s Office, has said that the index is very vital in understanding customer perception and views about government services. The interactivity of the index also allows immediate results that are in the disposal of government organisations to make plans and introduce new policies.

The Ministries of Education, Economy and Community Development were the first to implement the Index on their website, while the implementation of the index to all federal authorities call centres is underway. Also, up to now the Index has been applied at 432 customer happiness centres in the federal agencies and covered more than 4,000 reception offices.

The index works in all electronic and smart service channels and customers can evaluate the services just after their transaction on the website is done.

The Customer Happiness Index is part of UAE’s effort to digitise government transactions, increase customer satisfaction and establish a new relationship between the government and the citizens. By this, the UAE is getting close to reaching the absolute perfection, a country where everyone is happy.

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