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Dubai’s souks offer a glimpse into Emirati culture

Dubai’s souks offer a glimpse into Emirati culture

Dubai’s souks offer a glimpse intoEmirati culture

Dubai’s shopping festival may be over, but shoppers looking for a unique, special shopping experience can’t beat a visit to one of the city’s traditional ‘souks.’ What is a souk? A souk is a traditional bazaar and marketplace common in North Africa and the Middle East. There are many different types of souks scattered throughout the city, each specializing in goods that are important to traditional Emirati culture.


The Dubai Spice Souk is located in the historic old town of Dubai, on the Dubai Creek near Port Rashid. Multiple shops offer the unique foods and spices that make this region famous. Mounds and heaps of dates, saffron, turmeric, and indigo join traditional Arabian spices like sumac and bezar.


Looking for traditional clothing, made of the finest materials? The Dubai Textile Souk, located across Dubai Creek in Bur Dubai, is a sea of colour and fabrics. Pashmina scarves join ethnic footwear, in every print and design.


The most famous souk in Dubai, where every store is certified by the Dubai government for authenticity, is the Gold Souk. Also located in the old town of Dubai, near the Spice Souk, this is the place to be for looking the best in metals. Looking for a unique engagement gift or a special memento? Chances are you will find it. The Najmat Taiba, or Star of Taiba, is the world’s largest ring and is on display for everyone to see.

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