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Equinox Hotels in NYC redefines luxury travel

Equinox Hotels in NYC redefines luxury travel

Equinox Hotels inNYC redefines luxury travel

The popular gym chain Equinox is set to launch its first hotel in Hudson Yards, Manhattan, New York in June, which will include 212 rooms, 48 suites, and more than 70 amenities. Some of the perks include a sleep coach who will help analyze dreams, a nurse who will administer IV drips, ideal for hangovers, as well as supplements like face masks. Here is what is on offer and what the ever-more sophisticated clientele expects.

Beauty sleep

Sleep chambers with total soundproofing and blackout window systems will be introduced to the new hotel. Having a sleep coach, a room set at precisely 66 degrees (studies show colder temperatures are better for sleep), and a minibar full of Juice Press Ginger Fireball Blasts, ensures jet-lagged guests get an optimal peaceful night’s sleep.

Elevated TLC

Nurses will also be on call to administer restorative IV drips to cure hangovers, while also re-hydrating and boosting energy. Facemasks and condoms will be available in the 212 rooms for rest and play. Guests can step downstairs to a 25,000 square foot spa where there are cryotherapy chambers and an infrared sauna.

World-class service

Christopher Norton, CEO of Equinox Hotels >said:

“Now, as health becomes the new wealth, Equinox is uniquely positioned to define an emerging category that is disrupting the entire industry.”

Like Equinox, real estate is also acknowledging the trend for an ultimate 24/7 unparalleled service, including on-site services, enhancing style and comfort for an increasingly sophisticated international clientele.

Fine dining

Onlooking an 8,000 square-foot outdoor terrace with skyline views of Manhattan, guests can enjoy ingredient-driven healthy food. The focus is on nutritious breakfasts, dinners, snacks, and performance kits.

Body beautiful

Aiming to ‘empower guests’ with a service ‘for those who want it all,’ the gym includes private Pilates classes, outdoor fitness classes on the Vessel sculpture at Hudson Yards, and personal training options. Hot and cold plunges, as well as SoulCycle, are also on the fitness menu. There are currently 99 Equinox Fitness clubs in the UK, US, and Canada.

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