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The essential guide to becoming a property seller

The essential guide to becoming a property seller

The essential guide to becoming a property seller

Lately, thousands of homeowners tend to decide to sell their property independently and avoid estate agencies. However, inexperienced sellers are bound to come across various issues since they are not familiar with property trends and the mindset of potential buyers.

A recent study by AXA Insurance breaks down the main issues that might arise when independent sellers go on the market. Scaring away potential buyers and putting them off by an overselling attitude is the most common mistake independent sellers make. When a potential buyer starts cruising the property market they are presented with many different options. An independent seller could leverage his lack of experience by creating a homey feeling and employing a professional attitude.

To find the sweet spot with potential buyers, independent sellers should be first and foremost ready to deal with the selling process, establish a selling plan and stick to it from start to finish. Getting your paperwork sorted out early and deciding on a price is one of the first steps an independent seller must follow. Many sellers fall into the pitfall of renovating their home, adding extra rooms, or significantly changing the decor. However, potential buyers like “smart” spaces and dislike cluttered and overly decorated rooms.

We have rounded up for you some useful tricks and hacks when you prepare your home for viewing :

Leave it to us

Potential buyers feel uncomfortable when the property owner participates in the viewing. Our experienced and dedicated team are trained to answer the buyer’s concerns and promote the unique selling features of your property.

Trim your lawn

Overgrown gardens are signs of abandonment and can put off the buyers, according to a survey by AXA Insurance.

Declutter your space

Buyers want to visualise how their lifestyle would fit in your space. Lose excessive decorations and go for open and bright spaces.

Nice and Shine

Clean up every surface of your home. Present your home as a clean and nice-looking space to entice the buyers. Scented candles or even the real smell of baked goods could do wonders during the viewing.

Take your pet for a walk

Who would resist a cute puppy face? Probably no one, but it’s advisable to not leave any kind of personal property during the viewing and especially your favourite furry pals.

Our in-house team of interior designers and professional photographers will ensure that your property is well-presented in real life and throughout the marketing materials. We use the latest models, floor plans to showcase your property to well-placed buyers.

If you are looking to sell your property call our dedicated team today on +44 207 258 6150 to arrange a private consultation.

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