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Every landlord’s guide to managing property during winter

Every landlord’s guide to managing property during winter

Every landlord's guide tomanaging property during winter

As winter wraps a blanket of ice and snow around parts of the UK, we are reviewing all the ways landlords can protect their properties. We have rounded up some useful advice for landlords and property managers on protecting their buildings during low temperatures.

A quarterly maintenance check of your property could save you from expensive repairs during the winter. Based on our experience managing numerous properties in London, proactivity is key. Routine checks could save you a lot of time and money and Copperstones can help by managing your properties; conducting routine checks for you with efficiency and flexibility.

”When it rains it pours”

You might be used to the rain, but your property isn’t. Gutters and drains should be clean from leaves and mud to avoid flooding and water damage. Many landlords neglect to check for leaf build up which results in blocked drains. According to the weather warning guide from the MET Office, we are in for a heavy winter so you might want to also check your roof for loose or missing tiles to prevent leakage. Extreme winds may also cause dying trees to fall, so we suggest you get a gardener and cut weak trees that might damage your property or fall on the road and cause an accident. At all times, you must check your property’s maintenance and safety.

Keeping it light & warm

There couldn’t be anything worse, than your tenants experiencing heating issues or the lack of hot water. We suggest you check your radiators and pipes in late summer to avoid problems during autumn. Boiler failure might creep up on you when you least expect it, so we advise you to service your boiler early on in autumn since technicians might be hard to call out during the holiday period. Have the numbers of the service companies handy for you and your tenants. Remember to keep the interiors lightly heated at all times to prevent pipes from freezing and decreasing the overall humidity.

Ah! A breath of fresh air

Encourage your tenants to ventilate their home as much as they can for air flow to be constant. Allowing fresh air to enter and leave the rooms can significantly improve the atmosphere inside a property. If any of your tenants experience dampness in one of the rooms, you should consider asking for help from an expert and buy mould-resistant products.

Keep your energy options open

As the weather gets colder, energy suppliers offer special deals and packages to encourage customers. Research the existing offers and try to benefit from them as there won’t be a disruption if you decide to switch from one provider to the other.

Ring the alarm

The well-being of your tenants comes hand in hand with the well-being of your property. Keep them safe with updated smoke alarms in every room and carbon monoxide alarms where there is a fireplace or gas based heating.

When everything is insured

Check if your home insurance is up to date, or even better call your insurance agent and discuss winter damages. Many insurance packages have hidden features you might not know of. If not, then consider adding a winter damage clause to have a hassle-free winter. Flat roof damage, flooding and boiler failure are some of the issues you might want to cover through your home insurance.

Ready, Set, Christmas

Landlords and property managers are often at their most busy during winter due to holiday calamity. It may sound unlikely, but holidays tend to spark problems in buildings and our own property managers set up an emergency phone number for tenants to call during the holidays. Consult with your tenants on their travel plans so you are aware of your property will be empty over the festive season. Make sure that locks, doors, and windows are well-proofed, and keys are up-to-date.

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