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Four ways to prepare for spring without leaving your home

Four ways to prepare for spring without leaving your home

Four ways to prepare forspring without leaving your home

There are certain times each year when we are prone to changes and growth. Spring brings the inevitable need to start fresh, rejuvenate our senses and try new things. You can set your home at the heart of this ‘cleanse’.

Change always comes from within and an upgrade in our lifestyle can be a true mood booster. We are a product not only of the people we surround ourselves with but also of the spaces that surround us. Inspired by our luxury property listings in Battersea Power Station, we provide you with some ways in which you could revamp your home and lifestyle this spring and get ready to ‘bloom’.

‘Let there be light’

Is there anything better than the afternoon sun gloriously bathing a beautiful room? To get full advantage of the spring sun, choose reflective surfaces and light colours to extend natural light. A thoughtfully placed mirror, a metal vase or your favourite glass bulbs could make a dim space shine.

For example, Battersea Roof Gardens, designed by Foster + Partners, opts for optimum living conditions by conducting light studies. The designers look at how light falls on the facade at different times of the day and year – to see what areas might need fine tuning and opening up. Each apartment in Battersea Roof Gardens is analysed to see just how much light they get.

‘Paradise found’

Who says you need to go on holiday to relax? If your schedule is packed with meetings or you are too busy running daily errands, you are in need of your own, private sanctuary. A special place in your home where you can find your inner peace will re-energise you. This can be either a cosy reading spot with all your books, a bespoke stand for the record player and your special vinyl or even a bathroom turned into a spa.

For example, Prospect Place in Battersea Power Station will host 727 new homes which will feature separate private gardens for each owner. The benefits of a winter garden can range from the mental serenity gardening offers to the excitement of a mini tropical forest at home.

‘Friendly faces’

Having good friends and someone to spend your free time besides your other half, is paramount to a balanced life. If your closest friends live far away from you, then it’s time to tap into your neighbourhood’s potential.

Organise monthly meetings and community building activities to connect with those living close to you. Social spaces meant for resident sharing is another major trend in luxury real estate. Battersea Power Station perfectly incorporates the need for socialising by operating the Power Club app. Residents can log into their accounts and book meeting rooms, dining rooms and playrooms to meet with their neighbours in the comfort of their own home.

‘Sweat it’

If you feel that winter has worn off your body then it’s time to spring your body and mind back to life. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits will help awaken your senses and prepare you for summer. When it comes to exercising, consistency is key. With the gym so close to your home you will have no excuses to not keep your progress on track.

Residents in Circus West at Battersea Power Station have available state-of-the-art facilities focused on exercise and relaxation. The Spring is a chic fitness centre featuring a gorgeous pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and a private gym. In addition, in Phase 3 of the project, a 4,700 sq.ft. flagship gym adjacent to Battersea Roof Gardens will be opened.

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